Year of the Water Rabbit Forecasts (2023)

Sooner or later, as we grow older, we eventually come to appreciate that no news is good news. As we near the end of the Water Tiger year, and prepare to welcome (with relief) the Water Rabbit, we can finally find a quiet spot in the corner, experience reprieve, and reimagine what life can be like.

The next Lunar New Year arrives officially on Sunday, January 22, on a New Moon, but the Rabbit can be felt subtly as early as two New Moons prior, where deep yearnings for calm, healing from hurts sustained over the Tiger year or even other Tiger years in the past (12 years ago, 24 years ago…), and shift from survival to gracious living can already be felt. This is because Rabbit works quietly, in batches of 28 days (it is a supremely lunar animal according to Chinese astrology), and knows how to escape the attention of the Tiger, while still exacting their will.

On a general level, the Rabbit year will be marked by its placid quality, where people are finally ready to catch more flies with honey than with vinegar. Themes of not hurrying and leisure, improved relations and diplomacy, artistry and creativity will mark the next Lunar Year. It will be easier on the nervous system, we will have a heightened capacity to navigate through shades of greys, and negotiations / compromises will feel more mutually honouring. We’ve learned A LOT since the intensity and harshness of the Year of the Metal Rat (the year Covid made its entrance globally), followed by the black and white polarities and unrelenting work in front of a screen as marked by the Metal Ox, to be met with the release of bottled tensions, rapid changes and redirections, and heated passions that’s characteristic of the Water Tiger.

And yet, the Water Rabbit year does not leave us off the hook. Because the Rabbit values comfort, we may undo all the wisdom learned from the discomforts from the three years past, as comfort can lead to complacency, superficiality, and the unwillingness to look at unpleasant realities on a personal and collective level. The exceptionally well mannered and elegant Rabbit may also lead us to sugar coat our words, which on a shadow level, can become a form of deception and avoidance of responsibility. 

The desirable gifts and much-needed lessons that the Water Rabbit will present us will very much depend on our own native Lunar and Rising Animal signs.

Happy 2023 and Water Rabbit Year to you and your loved ones!
May the spirits surround you with the specific blessings you need.

Mimi xo
Animist-spirit medium

In 2023, I am offering TWO Lunar New Year events. 

For SPELLWORK, there’s 
Magick of Tea: A Lunar New Year’s Spell
Saturday, January 21 from 9:30AM-11:30AM PST

In-person at O5 Tea (Vancouver) + live-stream with replay
An esoteric Tea Sit harnesses the Lunar New Year’s Eve by tying loose ends, spirit-cleansing the spaces we hold, a co-created spell of possibilities for the year ahead.

Year of the Water Rabbit: Forecasts for the Lunar Year + Ancestral Offerings
Sunday, January 22 from 6-8PM PST

Live-stream with replay
A Lunar New Year e-gathering to welcome the Water Rabbit, present offerings to our ancestors + other Old Ones, and receive forecasts for the year ahead.

One last item: HOMING COVEN is starting Sunday, February 5! Enrolment is open after we get started as well, but the first core group will have more say in how the magick will be focused in the Coven.