January 21-24, 2022
4 days, 3 nights of anchoring, nurturance and lucidity while surrounded by the magickal wintry forest on the ancestral and unceded territory of Nexwlélexwm (Bowen Island, BC Canada)

The WRITING WITH SPIRIT RETREAT welcomes an intimate group of 13 attendees to explore the intersection of writing and the supernatural by unwrapping the words that are already contained within and to call them forth with clarity and boldness. We’ll discuss supportive writing techniques, powerful esoteric tools, and will be actively collaborating with our intuition and the Great Mystery. Open to anyone who is needing space, desires a heightened embodiment, and a safe container to focus on their inner (and outer) work.

The Writing With Spirit Retreat is for those who love writing, for those who do not love writing, for those who are feeling receptive or connected, for those who are feeling unsure or blocked, for those who doubtful or intimidated, for those who are curious and optimistic, for those who are rooted in, for those who are hanging on by a thread, for those who rest with ease, for those who are restless.

Step into collaboration with the energy of the Winter as we begin to attune ourselves to the emergence of Spring, a way for us to hear our soul and envision our place within the various energetic weavings of ancestry, gifts, purpose, and time and space for the 2022 year. Set on Bowen Island, BC, we will also be leaning into the wisdom of the land spirits, while we are inspired by the surrounding natural, winter magnificence.


Embodied Writing with Shamanic Art Therapy:

 ∙Calling your authentic voice

∙Enhancing intuition and clarity

∙Magnify creative juices / new perspectives

∙Releasing expectations and perfectionism

∙Fruitfulness > Productivity

Spirit-Collaborative Writing:

∙Hearing our ancestors and other spirit allies

∙Writing as channeling and psychic mediumship

Writing as Shamanic Spirit and Time Travel:

∙Writing to clarify, to witness, to retrieve, to redefine

Writing for Self-Regulation, Self-trust, and Future Potentials:

∙Seeing lessons, embracing ‘failure’, taking risk

∙Finding the languages/voices you don’t yet speak

Writing as Magick:

∙Writing as spellwork

Spots currently still available. Head to WRITING WITH SPIRIT RETREAT for more info or to save your spot!

Hope to see you there,


Mimi Young
Founder and Wu shamanic occultist