Working with your Past and your Future in Magick

The power of recalling the past or envisioning the future in magick are such that for most humans our memories, desires, anxieties and expectations are not AS real, but are actually MORE real than reality.

If we are aware of this, we can utilize this potency in our spells, engaging with energies as Teachers, Guardians, Collaborators. Rather than buying into the myth that it’s ‘unspiritual’ to live in the past or in the future, a form of judgment that is unhelpful and even hurtful, the mere fact that humans can engage with these timelines is an indication that this capacity may be a gift. To engage with timelines with awareness and agency is powerful in magick and spirit communication, grants insight to ourselves and allows us to relate with others with nuance and joy. 

Example 1
When we notice ourselves living fearfully in the future versus the present, we can ask ourselves which aspects make us worry, and approach these Worries as as Teachers who can shed light as we re-parent ourselves. We can then perform inner visioning, engage in core shamanic journeying, cast healing spells, and invite Worry to help us return to safety in the present moment.

Example 2
When we notice ourselves living in eager anticipation of the future, we can invite these future energies (often the promise of security or reward) to be here now, and to resist self-compromise on the premise that tomorrow MAY be better. This may free us from delaying our joys, or using the ‘promise’ of joy as a way to motivate us to do things we otherwise would never choose to do.

Example 3
When we notice ourselves living regretfully in the past, this can signal the need to cast a self-forgiveness spell or a spell of boundaries, calling in courage, compassion, and gentleness.  

The timeline of a regretful past can be especially depleting, and by reconciling with this energy, can be what allows us to rest, restore self-trust, and empower us with confidence for other timelines.

The power of the past, the push of the future, and the various present moments are just some aspects that folks in the HOMING COVEN are exploring magickally and esoterically in community, and will continue to layer with more skill and complexity overtime. 


With gratitude,
Animist spirit medium and founder of Ceremonie