Working with Correspondences as an Animist Witch

Correspondences in witchcraft have been misinterpreted as something to memorize, like multiplication tables in math. 3 x 3 = 9; 6 x 7 = 42; mugwort is good for dreams; cinnamon for accelerating; memorize it for god’s sake. 

But this approach not only favours practitioners of magick with a brilliant memory, it also isn’t a true indicator of how skilled the witch actually is. In addition to this, when correspondences are approached this way in our consumerist society, it’s easy to relate to correspondences from an acquisition perspective, that compels a witch to buy, acquire, collect, and objectify. Yet, some of the most effective spells I have cast is using soil from my yard, salt from my pantry, or tea from my cupboards. 

When we approach correspondences from the perspective of relationship and the honouring of the spirits we wish to work with, we will learn who they are and discover their preferences. When do they like to hang—early morning or late at night? Do they like sweets or savoury snacks? Chants or music? Astrological sign? Their favourite things and qualities are the correspondences when working with these given spirits. It also helps immensely to have separate relationships with each component of the material or factor you’re layering (day of the week, moon phase, etc). We devote ourselves to getting to know them. This is where the magick is.

⁠— Adapted from PRAYERS + DEVOTIONS IN ANIMISM Series. The next movement begins July 10, 2022! Live-stream sessions on Sundays; recording available to suit your schedule and timezone. Sliding scale tuition.