Why I Write

I write for no one but myself. Writing is a form of accessing the hidden, and keeping things hidden. In a society, especially as a woman of colour, nothing is truly mine. But my written words, hidden from view, are mine. 

The words I write privately are shielded from obligation, judgment, expectation. There is something thrilling, delicious, satiating, precious that I can create something that is only for me; that I know something that is unknown, and that something does not need to be explained, justified, earned, shared, evaluated, or accounted for. In this way, writing is subversive and dangerous; writing is hearing the Shadows, writing is accessing the Unseen. 

I write as a response to be me. 

I write to discover an ever changing me. 

I write to covertly rebel against expectations of who I am. 

When I write, I can take no prisoners. 

I write to shapeshift. Writing is Chaos Magick. 

 When I write, I am her; when I write, I am not her. 

When I write, I am here; when I write, I am not here. 

When I write, I am God, and I am Devil. 

When I write, I am Mother, and I am Not. 

When I write, I am faithful, and I am faithless. 

When I write, I am Witch, Bitch, Slut, and All the Nasties. 

When I write, I am no longer me, so I can return to who I am again. 

I do not consider myself ‘good’ at writing. And that is precisely the point; a liberation from production, performance, and perfection.

Instead, I can relax, let go, and allow myself to be swallowed up in fullness, gripping the edges in pleasurable overwhelm, exploration what Yin holds for me. 

In other words, when I write, I play and rest. I return, return, return, return. 

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Mimi Young

Founder, Wu shamanic occultist