Why Creativity Thrives on Mystery

How the Unknown Lends to Creativity Skills and Building More Trust With Yourself

Magickal work and creativity begins during the dark, watery phase of the Winter, or if not the calendar Winter, certainly under the shade of a personal Yin season. Too often, we give credit to the fruits that glimmer under the direct sun of Yang, as if our work appears out of ‘nowhere’ (have you ever wondered how our culture is addicted to the myth of ‘overnight success’? I even find that as unlikely and uncommon these forms of success may be, they still came out of the night, the Yin).

If we look to nature, we would know that our luminous ideas are always preceded by an indispensable gestation period that unfolds within the internal, obscure, and liminal realms. Our lives cannot be prematurely extracted from our energetic or creative womb spaces. We are not manufactured greenhouses, where we are eternally in seasons of tidy, uniform production. We are meant to go through periods of fatigue, energetic nausea, doubt, self-trust, dreaming, and surrendering to the physicality of mystery so we can embody our ideas.

Gaining creativity skills is about patiently awaiting—for our beings to rest and renew, for an idea to mature, for our timing. When we surrender to the mystery, we are free to be wholly unpretentious, playful and curious. It is the animist process through which ideas gradually assume their distinctive, personal form until they are prepared to tell us something (and perhaps, more noticeably, when we are ready to listen). Building more trust with ourselves is to curb the tendency to manipulate and control our ideas rather than granting ourselves the permission to allow them to evolve organically. Again, creativity is related more to the Yin (Unseen) than the Yang (the Seen).

The creative journey is an act of surrender, not dominance. I’m not relating to just creative ideas, either, but to any expression of creativity, including pondering and redefining our values, who we are, what we are going to do with our time, and who we spend our time with going forward. 

Mystery constitutes the essence of creativity, slow, hidden from view, what cannot be fully grasped. Too often, when we confuse creativity with productivity. Creativity, while inherently productive, is really more about harnessing and collaborating with the Unseen, intuitively channeling something rearranged or new in some way. In many ways, when we are aligned with our soul’s purpose, we have no option but to be creative, because energy desires to flow.

The Black Holes Birthing Stars Writing Series inspires creative renewal aligned with Spring’s Wood Element according to Taoist traditions. It explores change, courage, and creativity through animate words, embracing both tangible and intangible realms. Through the imaginal and archetypal, we can reshape narratives and trust our intuition for new directions.

Running a live-stream for 8 sessions from March 25 to May 27, 2024 (with recordings), Black Holes Birthing Stars dispels the status quo and the stagnant. It upends your ‘givens’, offering tools to vitalize your present, empower your writing techniques, engage in potent esoteric practices, and foster dynamic collaboration with intuition and Mystery grounded in daily life. The program challenges the notion of resting on past laurels, relying on ‘how it’s always been done’, or ceaselessly producing without honoring our genuine, creative voices.

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Quoting Margaret Atwood’s sentiment, “A word after a word after a word is power.”

Looking forward to tapping into this power with you!