What Rest Is

There is Day and there is Night.

There are Spring and Summer, and there are Fall and Winter.

There are Pause and Stillness, and there are Momentum and Activity.

We know this. Yet we…

  • Grind
  • Hustle
  • Grow
  • Compete
  • Speed
  • Strategize
  • Generate
  • Do, do, do

A little more, a little longer, we say.

But we cannot outrun, outsmart, outperform, outsource rest.

We cannot over-ride our anxiety, heartache/heart break, or exhaustion for long.

Rest is not “doing nothing”.

Rest is not failure.

Rest does not mean we become irrelevant.

Rest is a natural season, just as the Winter is.

Rest is a daily planetary occurrence, and is designed to soothe, make space for the Unknown, and reacquaint us with the womb of the Moon.

Yet we are taught to fear rest,

Just as we were taught to fear and reject the feminine principle, witchcraft, mystery, and the Unseen.

And what we are not taught is how much money relates to rest.

That rest and abundance are two sides of the same coin.

Rest is about restoring relationship. 

And do humans ever need help with restoring relationships.

So to rest will involve a deeper spirit-connection, one of trust and safety.

The ability to purposefully rest is the greatest spiritual test and invitation.

Rest is an invitation to enter intimacy.

With self, with each other, the Unseen included.

Join me tonight, Tuesday, April 26 and and Thursday, April 28 from 6-8PM PST for live-stream of a group activation of comfort and rest.

Journey with me, and receive support from the Unseen to anchor, restore and regulate. By doing so, you will have the opportunity to ⁣

  • experience the relief of softening ⁣
  • engage in deep listening⁣
  • receive energetic nourishment ⁣
  • witness shifts and releases within your somatic and subtle bodies (aura / fields)⁣

PS. If you’re reading this after these dates, recordings are available!