This functions more like a collection of musings in a diary entry rather than a more structured form of prose…

I’m reminded that no amount of physical distance can separate my love for loved ones.

That’s it’s possible to make new friends while in shelter in place.

Productivity is only productive when it accounts for my mental and emotional wellness, too.

Slow and steady “wins the race”. By “winning the race”, I mean feeling alive, connected, grounded and joyous.

The spirits only tell us what we need to know. Nothing more and nothing less.

Fresh cut flowers delivered to my home brings beauty to our environment and simultaneously supports local, small businesses. The best money we have spent every two weeks. (I realize that I am in the position to do this).

If our spirituality cannot help us now, then it can never help us.

Imagination is a powerful tool. With my children, we have been able to travel to far away lands, visited priestesses, pirates and Gongfu masters, tamed giants, shapeshifted into multi-eyed creatures, and received a scepter of encouragement from a god. Simultaneously, via imagination, we’ve also been able to ask very real questions and formulate some very real next steps. So this work with our imaginations serve as highly functional and impactful tools with real life relevance.

When I feel shaky, it means I need to stop and get as close to the Earth as possible. She can hold all my worries.

My menses acting “wonky” is a way for my body to ask me to hold more space for her.

There is NOTHING helpful about toxic positivity.

Allowing oneself to be in a foul mood is a form of medicine.

Distance does not make the heart grow fonder. Rather, it gives me perspective on who my heart is fond of.

It’s a form of maturity and responsibility to know and accept my needs.

Procrastinating or postponing the act of surrendering only prolongs the struggle and pain.

Sometimes, half-baked ideas are good enough.

Preparing and partaking in ancestral foods at this time is profoundly grounding and healing during this time especially.

With so much love,

Mimi Young
founder, shamanic intuitive + neurofeedback practitioner

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