What is Soul Loss?

And how does Soul Loss relate with past lives?

The past is not always in the past. It can be with us and ahead of us. Many who spirit travel / shamanic journey understand that linear time doesn’t really exist, and that everything is happening in the now. Time perpetually emerges.

This means that the individuals you were in other lifetimes (past lives) may be active in your own self right now, played out in your daily interactions. If you have experienced certain themes, patterns and situations that continue to replay no matter what you do, this is an example of a “past” life that is living in you that does not cycle through the seasons. 

Soul loss is energetic disassociation from cycles and seasons that occurs when a soul has experienced great pain, shock, other forms of trauma AS WELL AS spirit travels / magick work without the proper boundaries or energetic hygiene – that is, productivity disguised as wellness. Another way of putting it — extractive spirituality. 

Things desire to resolve and regenerate, and through the signal of exhaustion, depletion, or gradual decline — all pointing to endings (Water phase of Winter) they become invitations for the new can re-emerge (Wood Element of Spring). 

As a way to be with ourselves, including caring for our “past” lives, core shamanic past life work is a form of re-membering which prepares us for re-emergence. 

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