What are you claiming as messages from Spirit? How is your bias shaping your “intuitive hits”?

Pastel hues and velvet ribbons, saying you can have it all?
That there is only LOVE?
That you don’t need to choose?
That everything happens for a reason?
That it’s about raising one’s vibration?
That it’s “all good”?
That this, too, shall pass?

What if what you’re channeling is pure bullshit, packaged in mass produced rainbow hued, moon dusted, crystal charged, high vibing, candy-flavoured, reiki blessed smoke and mirrors?

Messages from Spirit are assumed to always be easeful and soothing in a superficial and unaccounted way. As if that’s Spirit’s job: to grant every wish by inflating our egos and pacifying our fears.

What if Spirit is asking us to show up? To stop making excuses? To stop stealing from others? And then to cloak the theft under the buzz words, “there is enough to go around”. What if Spirit is asking us to stop rationalizing our individual contributions of oppression? To stop fixating on our wounds, as way to justify our personal roles in harm? What if Spirit says so that it’s time to begin (or continue) to take radical ownership and engage in the necessary steps to heal? To move beyond “listening and learning”, and actually applying what you’re learning?

What if Spirit says to stop green washing? Or that we have enough clothes? Or that metal straws are actually as impactful as plastic ones, since metal is mined from the Earth? What if Spirit says that they don’t give a fuck about spiritual vanity and the tight spiritual circles that are jealously guarded by a few popular “spiritual” celebrities? That your actions mean more than any spiritual title you give yourself? What if Spirit asks why do many of us strive to become the “winner” of the harmful wellness (hellness) rat race rather than focusing on manifesting more just and inclusive structures? That your “magnetism” or “manifesting power” is just luck and privilege?

What if Spirit says your virtue signaling is a decoy to bypass your own responsibilities? What if Spirit says spiritual platitudes were invented by biased humans and not the divine? That our spirituality is worthless when we can’t even get along with those around us? Since when has it become “noble” when we stop having conversations with each other unless the other is exactly like us? What if Spirit says all that meditating is a total sacrilegious waste if all you’re doing to do is approach life harder, faster, stronger? What if Spirit says that we don’t lack time, but discernment? That love is not about “what’s in it for me” and is actually about responsibility and stewardship?

What if Spirit says there’s no such thing as raising one’s vibration, only raising one’s commitment? What if Spirit says that we betrayed ancient wisdoms by exploiting, stripping and diluting it to instant gratifications? Low Calorie Spirituality is placebo at best and counterfeit at worst. What if Spirit says being alternative, radical or hardcore is not necessarily a sign of being ethical? What if Spirit says that it’s the Earth that will survive, but not our kind if we don’t return to Her? The Land as a raw, wild, uncontrollable, and intelligent being — nothing aesthetically “Pinterest-y” or romanticized — that it’s time to unlearn our “progressiveness” and become of the Land once again.

What if Spirit is saying, don’t think for a second this message is for everyone else but me. And by me, I mean you, too.

* * *

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Mimi XO
founder, spirit communicator + shamanic intuitive

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