What are the best practices around spiritual protection when working with spirits? ⁣

Instead of protective spells against “evil” or harm, what if one of the most protective acts we can engage in is to form authentic relationships with spirits? In other words, spirits ARE protection.⁣

In my experience with magick, summoning and compelling spirits to fulfill banishing rituals or magickal shields are not nearly as effective as simply forming allyship with spirits who naturally want to be with me, support me, and by extension, can be protective. Sort of like “you mess with my sis, you mess with us” sort of thing. ⁣

Creating allyship takes time, of course. It involves me letting myself be known by them, and me taking the time and care to meet them, learn to recognize their voice, witness their ways of being, co-creating a relationship or another way of putting it, a sense of intimacy. This is explored in my current live-stream series, Prayers + Devotions in Animism (enrolment is open and on-going).⁣

Back to spiritual protection. Keep a clean conscience and walk with integrity. Form allyship with spirits based on honour and respect. Be discerning, use common sense, know your limits, and practise physical and energetic hygiene. One more thing, if you are extra sensitive or have an overactive imagination, don’t watch horror flicks (Totally serious; screens, much like mirrors, are often portals to unwanted energies).

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