We are so much more than what we understand ourselves as human beings. Beyond me saying that I am a Han Taiwanese Canadian, a mother, a partner, a daughter, a sister, a friend, a client and business owner. I am the air we breathe, the soil we tread on, the plants that sprout, creep, and climb. I would not be alive if water did not exist, or if the Sun didn’t beam, or if the Moon didn’t swell up those tiny seeds awaiting to experience their metamorphosis. I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for my parents, and their parents, and their parents, and so forth. I wouldn’t be here if trees didn’t give up their lives to become shelter, the wool from sheep generously sheered to be knitted into body coverings, or consider the labour of bees to receive their sweet gift. I wouldn’t be here if there were no artists – dancing their stories, conjuring their images, telling their songs. My life depends on the silica from sand for the glass I use on any given day, and clay from the earth, and fire to bake the clay, and the hands that baked them into wares. And certainly, consider all the rare earth elements, fibreglass, ceramics, and the collective dream of technologists to even make it possible for me to write this post from my phone, a necessary tool in today’s modern world. Or how about the spirit allies that provide omens via dreams? And the ancestral energies of protection, inspiration, and abundance? How can I say that I am just me? Nothing can be further than the truth. Separateness is a political illusion we have been indoctrinated with. Each of us are only here and are only ourselves because of our interconnection to everything else. Such sacred truth! As individuals, we are closer to each other than we allow ourselves to intellectually understand. Your presence, support, wisdom, kindness become part of me. Your love fuels me.

Mimi XO
founder, spirit communicator + shamanic intuitive