Ways to invite harmony with the forces of Change

While I’ll be sharing loads of wisdom on befriending Change, including hands-on practices with Tea on September 17 – Befriending Change (Part of the Magick of Tea series), here are a few doable practices to help get you started. 

  1. Move around and remove objects in your surrounding that have no practical or beautifying (a form of practical IMHO) impact on you. This invites Qi (Chi), the Cosmic Force, to flow through and more (re)generatively.
  2. Pay attention to the symbols around you, especially bird symbols, symbols in dreams, and numerical symbols. Stay embodied during the decoding process. Most Change is foretold.
  3. As Change takes place, pay attention to the synchronicities. This is because synchronicities are the markers of the archetype(s) that are at play in the Changes. To notice the synchronicities and to recognize the themes is to recognized the archetypes responsible for calling you to Change.
  4. Take a different route to the usual places you go. 
  5. Create 5 new outfit combos. 5 signifies completion and a full rotation of a wheel, so it’s extra significant.
  6. If helpful, say to Change, “You intimidate me, but I am willing to dance with you.”
  7. Create a Change altar. Honour Change there.
  8. Work with Patchouli. Patchouli is the plant associated with Change, and Change as a being looooves this plant! (True stories: When I spill / break a bottle of Patchouli, I have learned that Change is knocking on my door. Patchouli heralded the conception of my second child,  the birth of my business, and the passing of my Yeh Yeh).

Changing alongside you,

Founder, Animist, & Spirit Communicator