Walk with me.⁣

The apprentices within my Mystery Mentorship program are not students, and I am not their teacher.⁣

Rather, when an apprentice signs up to walk with me each Sunday, week in and week out through a single module or all 5 that spans over a year, we are stepping into an ancient commitment of personal alchemy. Where the work is much easier when compared to conventional schooling, yet much harder than it sounds because you agree to be responsible for what you say and do in the fullest sense of the meaning. ⁣

This means that in this program, the sugar coated pill will no longer be sugar coated. It’s not a mentorship that is known for its niceness or softness. There are times where it will feel frightening, difficult to navigate, confusing, doubt-filled, and harsh. The way to magick is not through ascension, but descension. ⁣

And yet, when you decide to walk the path of the Unseen, you will notice a fragrance of beauty and depth that is at once Otherworldly and eerily familiar. A return to yourself, and yourself is much wiser, more radiant, and more powerful than you first thought. You learn how to speak multiple languages of Nature. You can hear the loving dead and make sense of it. You can forecast what will come in helpful, pragmatic, and empowering ways. You lean. You stand. You walk in the Dark without a flashlight. You set fires out of seemingly nothing. ⁣

You engage in the work of self reconciliation. Your friends are Wind, Tree, Mountain, Old Ones, Winged Ones and more. ⁣

When asked to look at yourself in the mirror, you are startled by the transformation. By your own glory. Did you really did this all yourself? And you know the answer is at once YES (because you did!), and NO (because the spirits helped you). ⁣

Walk with me. Air Module is active and enrolment is still open. In the next few weeks, we’ll learn how to spirit travel in ways that your dreams haven’t even yet considered. The psychic development will be profound.⁣

Walk with me.⁣

Mimi XO
founder, spirit communicator + shamanic intuitive

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