The feminist says every woman (and all who identify as) is unique and beautiful in her way, with her personal stories kept as sacred scriptures in her body, her temple.

There are feminists EVERYWHERE, in all professions. Females represent an immense pool of economic buying might, yet, it perplexes and pains me that older, naturally aging women are so little represented and embraced within media, within art, and within visible society.

We all know that beauty is ageless, but do we REALLY know it? Are we REALLY living it? Don’t look over your shoulder and deflect my question to someone else in the room. I am talking to YOU.

If you were to lock yourself in your washroom, naked in front of a mirror, are the voices in your head ageist? Does the voice point out how your body has changed since your days of adolescence and early adulthood? How does she view her wrinkles? Her stretchmarks? Her sunspots? Her silvery wisps?

If we continue to believe that a worthy and successful life is remaining emprisoned in the Maiden and Mother archetypes, and that no woman can enter into the Dark Goddess or Crone archetypes, how can women ever be TRULY HAPPY?

If the largest and growing segment of our population is invisible, and when visible, poorly/negatively represented (“crazy” old ladies, “ugly” hag), how can women ever be TRULY HAPPY?

When we hear someone tell a woman that she looks good for her [insert age] how can women ever be TRULY HAPPY?

A woman’s worth is unconditional.
A woman’s worth is not based on her body.
A woman’s worth is not based on her age.

We know this, yet…

We all have ageism biases within.
We all self-censor in the context of age.
We all place immense value on youthfulness, at the detriment of receiving the sacred medicines that is available to us as we age and naturally evolve.

On Tuesday, March 3 from 6:30-8:30PM PST, I very warmly welcome you to join this LIVE ONLINE educational + healing gathering, DECOLONIZING AGEISM. We will invoke the Crone and receive her deep, potent power. It is by making way for the energy of the Crone so that the biases and stigma around aging can be addressed and released.The result is not to integrate the Goddess, but to have integratED the Goddess (borrowing the words of Susun Weed).

A replay link will be available for those who can’t join live.
Hope to see you there!

Mimi xo

Mimi Young
founder and Spirit Communicator

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