Judging the title, you probably think I’m about to recite a nursery rhyme, but alas, there is nothing fictional about what I’m about to share, as I was the woman who once swallowed a fly— during a meeting when I was pitching to a prospective client while I was still working in the clean tech industry.

The night before the meeting, I had a dream, and in the dream itself, I was coughing because my throat felt as if I had swallowed a hairball, and was feeling ticklish. In the dream, I was wearing my work attire, and I had coughed so hard, that one of my pumps had kicked off. I woke up and noted it as I always do with my dreams (I keep a dream journal and spend a few moments each morning with one of my plant medicine Aura Mists – Astral Dream – to recall and make intuitive meaning of the messages from the dreams), and all I knew was that something that would have to do with my communication, particularly my speech, and possibly my throat, would need special attention soon, and most likely that day while at work. My morning routine consisted of getting the kids ready for school, packing our lunches, drop offs, and then commuting to the office. And I was careful to wear my laced oxfords in lieu of pumps that day.

The day went as usual, and even at the meeting with the prospective client, it was going swimmingly well, and I had a moment during the presentation when I questioned myself for interpreting the dream accurately, or perhaps had gotten the timing of the message wrong. As we all tend to have a cornucopia of thoughts flash in our minds at once, I also felt a glimmer of pride that perhaps I had managed to escape the prophesized hairball by some good deed I had done that day that the gods have somehow taken notice and approved. Could it be because I bought my team coffee and donuts earlier that day? Or that I had transcended a mansplaining moment in a boardroom packed with middle aged, well-to-do white men in suits with patience and compassion? Could it be that all the love and light spiritual bypassing is actually effective? That indeed all the problems in the world could be solved with the dogma? (I think not). I also found myself thinking that maybe dreams are just dreams— random data that our brains sift through and produce algorithms that makes no real relatable meaning. I juggled all those thoughts during that split second. What was real? What was reliable? What was a dream? So many things, and all because I trusted that the dream had a message for me.

And at that VERY moment, when I opened my mouth as I shared slide 6 from my presentation, a fly flew into my mouth, and down my throat. The fly was hefty, and its texture felt substantially hairyballish. And as the dream had foretold, I coughed and coughed and coughed.

At least my footwear stayed on.


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With so much love,

Mimi Young
founder, shamanic intuitive + neurofeedback practitioner

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