If you’re new to my blog and IG feed, you may find my work seems serious, focused on heavy topics, and that I don’t always smile in my photos. But don’t let my serious face fool you, as inside joy and play are always at work.

It is this joyous playfulness that I am indebted to, and credit to my re-membrance to Magick.

Back when I stepped into this work those, I had to unlearn most of what I know. The many layers of the proverbial onion had to peel back, revealing my naked, vulnerable internal Fool. The admission of unknowing, the surrender to Spirit, the celebration of things we take for granted, such as our very breath or how a flower blooms, but also the sparkling wide-eyed sense of wonder.

I learned to embrace that I am intuitive, that I experience psychic smelling (clairolfaction), that journeys to faraway spirit lands and speaks to beings there, that I befriend plants in this reality, that I translate nocturnal dreams, and that my own words, intentions, and visions can conjure.

But it’s not these “gifts” or “skills” that make me a shamanic witch or practitioner of the occult. If I were to claim that, I would no longer be the Fool. And the Fool is the place where Magick takes seed.

It’s in the unknowing.
It’s in the surrender to Mystery.
It’s in the sense of awe and play.
It’s in trusting in the impossible.

In the Seeker’s story within the Major Arcana of Tarot, the Fool precedes the Magician. This sacred Foolish state is the prerequisite. The Fool in vulnerability gives birth to the visible and invisible; she is the Magician’s parent.

The sacred Fool is free to speak truth without punishment because we can trust in the innocence of the message; it is without motivation or an agenda. For this reason, embracing the Fool within can function as an agent for awakening and re-membrance.

What is incredible is that the Fool is not concerned about appearing foolish, and that accusation doesn’t carry the sting that it would for someone clutching to be “Right”. She is not the calm voice of rationality, but the carefree, irrepressible Qi (life force) that moves us deeper into Life, into Magick. I have noticed that the Universe loves to work with those who are open and willing versus closed and resisting. Those who channel the Fool are blessed with experiences of delight, of growth, of love.

Would you like to be foolish with me? It’s magickal.

And what is your most important ingredient in your magickal practise? (send me an email to!)

Mimi xo

Mimi Young
founder and Spirit Communicator

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