The Benefits of a Witches Coven

The Differences Between A Solo Witch and A Witches’ Coven

Beyond the contents of witchcraft, there are vast differences in experience and fruits between being a solitary witch and one who belongs in a coven. The differences I wish to share here is not to say one is better than the other, though knowing the benefits can help make the choices on how one may wish to currently practice. And it often isn’t either/or, it very well can be and/both.

A solo witch or solo practitioner in magick, the occult, and the shamanic arts is a unique experience. One discovers so much about them self, can focus on the direction of the craft exclusively to their own interest and pace. It can be healing and personal, feel freeing and spacious, as there is no need to compromise on the area of exploration, or needing to coordinate busy schedules between other witches. There’s more room for spontaneity. One can develop their own voice, and feel empowered through their resilience and self-trust. 

Group magick offers a different set of benefits, where diversity of cultures, skills, interests, and perspectives can offer more depth and breadth. Emotional wisdom often develop, intuition directly applied within the dynamics of the given group, where trust and mutual reciprocity are exercised not from theory but from each conversation or gathering. Rituals can be practiced with pooled energy and esoteric skills can deepen more sustainably as the group can hold the ebbs and flows in ways that an individual simply cannot. 

In witches’ covens or group work, folks can lean on each other and there’s more space to work through systemic wounds such as releasing perfectionism, returning to cyclical practices instead of extractive ones. The very virtue of the personal is seen in the universal. The social impact is clear: magick, change, and healing sustained through the shared vision, often times to serve communities in equity and justice.

In HOMING COVEN, we prioritize all these. A space for each of our uniqueness to shine, and to see ourselves as facets of a larger gemstone, a whole that glimmers and radiates. Spells that work — from opening doors to career opportunities to relational healing, from working with past lives and forms of time crafting to working with the Elements, from spirit readings that further enhance psychic sense to frequent sharing and translation of dreams during tea ceremonies online, from the ability to trust the restorative power of resting (without guilt or worry) to being vulnerable yet safe.

Witchcraft is not seen merely from a skill standpoint, rather, a shared experience, where each member expresses the whole, belonging with humans, more-than-humans, both the living and the beyond. Spells, including spoken words such as incantations, are often more powerful when performed because it draws on and nourishes the energy of all involved.⁣ Let’s not overlook that Pluto is in Aquarius (where groups / collective are emphasized).

Amid coven gatherings, cohort sessions, we convene each month. There’s also free seasonal and lunar celebrations, and access to Ceremonie’s On-Demand Library of Occult Courses

Monthly and annual membership options. Financial assistance through a metaphysical scholarship called Ceremonie’s Partial Scholarship are also available. 

To learn more, head to HOMING COVEN.

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