Tea Thoughts While On A Mountain

Some are new, some old, all have been on my mind (and body, and heart)…

Obstacles are guided pathways, not roadblocks. 

Nobody knows what they are really doing with their lives.

When creating, “happiness” may actually indicate the comfortable and the already-done, and “discomfort” reveals vulnerability and possibilities.

Anger signals a moment(s) when we recognize injustice and violation. Rage when it’s been repeatedly ignored. Depression when we tell ourselves the violations don’t matter. Anxiety when our daily default is hyper-vigilance. Numbness when we shut out from everything. 

Attempting to change how we feel will only produce more of the above. Logic is a common tool to deny or justify suppression. Acknowledgement is the only way forward.

Fear can show us what engages us.

Un-routining can be a form of rewilding.

Simultaneously, cultivating baseline habits with care can equip us to navigate the unknown with more strength, grace, and pleasure. And with that, the habituation can shift with the ebbs and flows of my psycho-somatic needs on a daily, weekly, seasonal basis; discipline is simply providing a container for me to thrive and create, not be in service to it. 

To be objective is to objectify.

To be subjective is to centre perspectives—giving honour to differing realities and voices, releasing default norms, that when approached mindfully, reinvites us back to a sacred circle.

I have agency to change my mind through direct experiences, not through “shoulds” and “should-ing”, making the process of changing fundamentally more easeful, delightful, and humour-filled.

I work on myself, not because I desire to “earn” love from another, but because I love myself.

____ happened, and then I kept living.

I do not need to be thin, beautiful, smart, talented, nice, recognized, popular or successful for the Sun and Moon to shine on me, for a Lake to swell around my body, or Rain to drench me to my underwear. The Land recognizes my unconditionality.

Gratitude and appreciation as acts of resistance to my propensity to see my world as “givens”.

Ways to ____, not reasons to ____.

Being acceptable or accepted says more about the system (the “accepter”) than me (the “acceptee”).

We are all, in some way or another, wistful for things that never happened or things that we’ve never had, and marketing preys on this.

By considering alternatives, my “truths” can be suspended—even for a moment—so that new portals can open. The Universe does not want to work with a know-it-all. Spells, though are approached with some degree of knowledge, mostly work because there’s sufficient space for air and negative space to exist to fan the flames of magick. 

I delight in knowing that if I told my younger self who I am now, what I’m doing now, she likely wouldn’t believe me.

Animist spirit-medium, founder of Ceremonie

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