I don’t subscribe to the various spiritual theories of why Covid-19 is happening.

  • I DON’T think Covid-19 is the way the Earth is “taking revenge”.

  • I DON’T think the old paradigm is ending.

  • I DON’T think it’s a global awakening.

  • I DON’T think it’s happening FOR us.

I think we create these reasons because humans crave meaning. We crave meaning because we are spiritual creatures who need context to feel safe. But the virus exists for itself. Are we so self centered to think that everything exists for us (be it as a gift, as an act of revenge, or otherwise)?

The virus is does NOT negate our responsibility: To act ethically. To be socially conscious. To be mindful of our actions. To be global citizens by being local citizens. To consider how we live BEFORE, DURING, and AFTER the pandemic. The pandemic is not an invitation to spiritually by-pass. Because to say that Covid-19 is happening for you to live, and for others to die as a reminder for you to live is spiritual bypassing. To say it’s happening because you’ve manifested some time off from work to build your side hustle is also spiritual bypassing.

Now there is a difference between claiming Covid-19 exists for us versus making the most of the opportunity it presents us. The latter is a way to surrender, to become teachable, to heal ourselves and be agents of healing towards others. The rain does not rain for me. But I can respond to the rain by collecting the rain water to reduce my water consumption, I can choose to wear gum boots, I can share my extra raincoat with a neighbour in need.

A virus cannot be made responsible for our own actions and inactions. Coating it with spiritual gloss is delusional, hurtful, and disempowering. Let’s be reminded that peace, health, justice, and prosperity starts with us.

Let’s establish right relationship with the virus.

With so much love,

Mimi Young
founder and Spirit Communicator

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