Spirit is the Body

There are some spiritual beliefs that are focused on freeing spirit from matter, from the body.

There is also another way, an ancient way— the animist tradition that sees the Spirit in Matter, in the Body.

We do not typically find it miraculous when something breaks down or dissolves, but when spirit is made flesh, when something visible comes out of the invisible, that is something to marvel about.

In the Wood + Metal Module of the Mystery Mentorship, my mystery school series that is available as a self-paced self study program, I discuss how in the beginning there was the Yin and the Yang. Yin as Potential, Yang as the Fulfilment of the Potential, as so it is the Yang that humbly serves and stewards the Yin. Yang as Fulfillment is also an embodied Yin, which also speaks of the Receptive principle as giving birth to the Generative. Yin in this way is both the Mother Goddess and the Lover of Yang, and it is only through Yin that anything can exist at all because life starts from the Source, the Spirit, but it is the coming together of Yin and Yang that meaning is formed, and this meaning is in Matter, the Body. 

Numerically speaking, Yin holds the archetype of One, and Yang holds the energy of Two. And in the ancient Tao De Ching murmurings, 

“The Tao (Dao) begot One.
One begot Two.
Two begot Three.
And Three begot the Ten Thousand things.”

I have spent countless Tea sits ruminating on the significance of this wisdom. One and Two are archetypes of the Cosmos, which makes Three—from where the Ten Thousand things generate out of—possible. In this way, Tea shares that Three is the first number in a numerical sense, as One and Two are the Prototypes of quantity. Again, the animist sees that Spirit made Flesh is what’s meaningful.

By “coincidence” (I can only say this in quotes, as it turns out it’s exactly where the spirits were calling me at the time), I was studying the animism of numbers, and learned that in the West, Pythagorus also surmised that Three is the first “real” number that has any “true” numerical qualities. That One and Two are the essences, since these two numbers do not correspond to any geometric figure, and require the Three to create the third plane of dimensionality, and bring ideas into the tangible. Once again, Spirit is the Body.

This is not to say that the invisible is not real or is not powerful. What I’m saying is that the body — our bodies — and the physical world we are immersed in and live alongside reveal just how real and powerful the Unseen is!

The tangible is what makes the divine divine. Each pebble, each gourd, each strand of hair, each ceramic dish, each shaped piece of metal, all are alive and filled with spirit, all are the descendants of the Great Ancestors of Yin and Yang. And to reject the base metals (the body) in favour of gold (spirit) alone, is the heart-breaking mistake many misguided alchemists make.

Remembering Spirit is the Body, is Matter, is a creative act, specifically, it’s re-creative. And this is the original meaning of recreation— it is a returning to self, immensely enjoyable, restorative, regenerative, and intimate. We gather the scattered Ten Thousand things back to the form of Three to re-engage with One and Two. The forgotten odds and ends are integral to the whole, each is re-cognized as we re-member. The Body is not a draft, and the Spirit is not the final copy. Rather, they are circular chapters, each fulfilling the other, Matter must been known intimately to behold the Spirit.

In body and spirit,

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