Spirit Communication and Afterlife Communication

If you have ever felt forgotten or unnamed, ignored or undermined, tiny or unimportant, know that connecting with the Unseen is the most expansive act of feeling seen again.

⁣⁣I was joking with a spirit one day, by teasing them, “Are you thinking about me, again?” when their scent psychically entered my space. ⁣⁣To which they replied, “Still, not again.”⁣⁣

I was humbled and romanced to the core,⁣reminded that each of us are not and cannot be forgotten.⁣ The intimate is upon our lips, upon our fingertips, the edges of our auras.⁣⁣

When I reveal myself to them, to allow myself to be seen by the Unseen, I see beyond the shortcomings of humans and also see our glory. I see the patience and love of Mystery. It’s a love that is so vast, so pervasive, and so matter-of-fact, that it’s possible to miss it completely. ⁣⁣

The most wondrous aspect about being in relationship with spirits is that they disarmed me. The strong, in control, hardened, and varnished parts of myself became heavy and cumbersome in our conversations, and they invited me to remove my armour, to take them off, as slowly as I needed to, to hang around without anything between us.⁣⁣

They invited me to fall into them, that they would catch me. “Still, not again.” They whispered tenderly. ⁣⁣In a world where invincibility is not only prized, but expected, this is a startling contrast. To fall into the spirits, into all that is Unseen, requires a willingness to abandon all the rules I had once believed. It demanded me to struggle with myself, and to then have the courage to release the tension, to dissolve into a sublime union.⁣⁣

This is what I discovered about being an animist. This is what I was reminded of by praying and devoting to this connection.⁣⁣

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Following the spirits,
Founder, spirit communicator and Wu shamanic occultist