purity. performance. radiance.

As the skin represents the body’s largest organ, it embodies both our physical and energetic barriers to the world beyond ourselves. It matters not whether the toxins are external from our environments, or self-induced from our own internal critics. At the hands of either one, our skin — and therefore our innate layer of protection — suffers. So we intentionally crafted our line of skin care products to confer both physiological and energetic support to your skin. The physiology and frequency of the healing plant actives we use help to protect and fortify your skin’s structure, and synchronously shift your internal landscape to one of self-acceptance and radiance. Utilizing these magickal plants in our Skin Care collection offers a powerful way to achieve pure hydration, renewal and equilibrium of your skin — from the outside in and the inside out.

Since we attend to our skin daily, the approach of our beauty regimen can and should be one of reverence, compassion, and soul connection. Part of this is purity and performance of the ingredients, and part of it is also the energy we bring to the process of caring for our skin. Each time you look in the mirror, see it as an opportunity to take delight in your unique radiance. Each potion is handcrafted to order and is made in rituals that weave elements of core shamanism, witchcraft and occultic practice.

The Skin Care canon is comprised of our Cleanser to purify, Hydrosols (Toners) to refresh, and Facial Creams and Serums (Face + Eye) to treat, protect, and moisturize your skin, while simultaneously holding space for you to tap into your power through daily ritual. Additional ritual tips can be found in the directions section of each Ceremonie Skin Care product


To clear what has been accumulated both in the physical and spiritual sense is what Ceremonie’s Cleansers are formulated to do.


Ceremonie’s Hydrosols (Toners) are alcohol-free botanical distillations, offering unparalleled support of your skin’s acid mantle, while simultaneously offering the plant spirits’ healing resonance.


Ceremonie’s Facial Creams are nutrient-packed, performance creams that offer daily hydration and treatment to effectively assist in the treatment and protection of the skin’s moisture level. The spirit-body is attended to and nurtured in the way it needs. 


Ceremonie’s Facial and Eye Serums are concentrated, plant-based treatment oils, conceived for potent absorption, as an alternative or specialized supplement to facial creams. On an esoteric level, deep embodiment, activation, and portals within oneself are awakened.


"Over the past few years, I have broken out of the pattern of really cheap hair and skin products from big grocery stores and have been using natural products like Ceremonie and have seen a big difference in the overall health of my hair and skin. They smell great too - The Ceremonie Beard Oil smells extremely fresh and mountainous and the design of the bottle fits in nicely with the other products on my shelf."

Taylor Gavinchuck

founder + CEO of High Energy Trading

"I love the Facial Serum! My skin cleared up quickly and it feels so hydrated."

Finn Parkes

co-founder of @groundwerkvan


"Do you love your skincare so much you get excited to put it on your face? I do! And does my fiancé!"

Claire Gabereau

"Ceremonie has changed my life in every way. Ceremonie has shown me just how powerful mantras and intentions can be. I never realized how powerful nature could be ...until these products."

A. K.

"I was amazed how quickly I saw results with the Ceremonie skincare line. With a personalized facial consult, I was able to address and target my dry, dull skin and dark eye circles. I could feel the remarkable difference it left on my face; I have more radiant, even-toned, and hydrated skin."

W. C.

"A sense of well-being and a calm yet energized feeling transpire when I use the Ceremonie line; there is something very unique and special about these all natural, ethically sourced and healing products. I have been using items from the collection for the past six months with wonderful results. The attention to detail in the packaging, with special notes, reveals a depth of commitment by the company that extends into their product line, which aligns well with my life. Thank you Ceremonie."

Emily Vera

outdoor educator