plant nutrients, greater intuition

What if your skin is the magickal cauldron?
And the plant actives are the energies added to the spell?

Magick applied… 2x day, 14x week, 60x month.

Your skin becomes the cauldron to hold and express transformation.

Each jar and bottle is alive and animated with potencies to support you with your relationship with the Seen and Unseen energies in your life.

We select healing plants for their physiological and spiritual benefits. The Ceremonie Skin Care collection—their nutrients and their energetics—offer a powerful way to achieve pure hydration, renewal and equilibrium of your skin while synchronously supporting and recalibrating your energy field.⁣

Each item is handcrafted to order and is made in ritual that weave elements of animistic and core shamanic work, witchcraft and occultic practice.⁣


To clear what has been accumulated both in the physical and spiritual sense is what Ceremonie’s Cleansers are formulated to do.


Ceremonie’s Hydrosols (Toners) are alcohol-free botanical distillations, offering unparalleled support of your skin’s acid mantle, while simultaneously offering the plant spirits’ healing resonance.


Ceremonie’s Facial Creams are nutrient-packed, performance creams that offer daily hydration and treatment to effectively assist in the treatment and protection of the skin’s moisture level. The spirit-body is attended to and nurtured in the way it needs. 


Ceremonie’s Facial and Eye Serums are concentrated, plant-based treatment oils, conceived for potent absorption, as an alternative or specialized supplement to facial creams. On an esoteric level, deep embodiment, activation, and portals within oneself are awakened.


"Love the new spray! The rose feels refined, mature and deep and unexpectedly grounding."

Julie Beyer

"Thank you so much! I'm obsessed with the products I've tried so far <3 you do such a beautiful job!"

Kristina Marie

"I use the protective mist every day in the office before I see patients and I truly think it’s helping me to avoid taking people on in my aura so much. Thank you for your beautiful work."

Steph K

"Created by modern shamanic practitioner Mimi Young, it’s no surprise to learn that each and every product is interwoven with the energetic imprint of the spirit realm – to create a line that nurtures the beauty of the user, inside and out."

Ruby Warrington (The Numinous)

"Your product saved me again the other night! I can really feel the vibrational difference with your product. When I use your stuff I can feel my energy uplift, I feel re-vitalized from the inside out. I do not normally get those results from other creams!"

Julie Beyer

"I just wanted to send you a special Thank You for my beautiful box that arrived today. I truly felt like it was Christmas morning, opening up my order. Your products are SO Divine, I always end up taking pictures, as I unbox, because every aspect of detail is beautiful and a whole experience to behold. I am working my way to having one of each of your products, at least, near my altar. Your creations are my FAVORITE gifts to buy for myself, and I am putting together an order that I will place in the coming months, that will turn into gifts for my best friends. I cannot wait for them to be graced by your cosmic elixirs!"

Megan C