Sitting with Tea: Tea As Teacher

Tea, my Teacher, my Medicine, my Sister. With you, I enter into stillness. ⁣Penetrating clarity.⁣ Acute listening.⁣ Shivers of recognition. ⁣Tender exhales.⁣ Scents of what is to come.⁣ Conduit of flow.⁣Interpreter of ancestors.⁣ Vapours of daemons.⁣

I venerate your companionship.⁣⁣

PS. Sit with me and Tea as we learn make our own divination tool, the Bwa Bway, and from the Wuxing (5 Phases / 5 Elements) and 12 Chinese animal astrological archetypes on Sunday, September 19. More about UNDER AN ANCIENT SKY: AN ONLINE RETREAT IN CHINESE DIVINATION AND ASTROLOGY can be found HERE.

Mimi xo
Founder, spirit communicator and Wu shamanic occultist

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