Clairolfactance (clairolfaction) or psychic smelling is an intuitive, extra-sensory gift that isn’t as commonly discussed, yet, it is a powerful ability belonging to the intuitive, seer, witch, and mystic.

Some intuitives use this to gain insight into events of the past, present and future. Others can smell warnings relating to health, people, or natural occurrences.

Are you someone who smells things that aren’t physically there? Are you confused by the paranormal scents you experience? Do you wish that you could make sense of the psychic scents you download, to use them as arcane wisdom, as protective warnings, or as allies in general? Do you yearn to develop this uncommon skill, to deepen your connection to Spirit and the unseen realms?

Join Mimi Young, shamanic witch, for this On-Demand pre-recorded e-course on developing PSYCHIC SMELLING (CLAIROLFACTANCE). As an intuitive who received this gift since her young adulthood, this was the defining gift that led her into the world of the occult, the shamanic, and the magickal, defining her as who she is.

In this course, Mimi shares how she’s channeled, developed, and refined clairolfactance as both a gift and a skill with accuracy, reliability, and reverence for the spirit worlds. She also provides tips for those who are navigating their reality with this gift, as well as answer questions that you may have relating to this phenomenon.

What to expect:

  • Mimi shares her personal experiences with clairolfactance

  • How to identify if you have this gift

  • Common struggles those with clairolfactance experience and how to overcome them

  • Common extra-sensory scents

  • Making meaning of scents

  • Common scent correspondences

  • How to further develop and refine this skill

  • Common companion psychic gifts for those who experience clairolfactance

  • A safe container to share and ask your questions relating to this gift

Supplies to have on hand:

  • Notebook and pen

  • Any two bottles of essential oil (different from each other).

Duration: 2 hours


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