Frequency of ABUNDANCE: This blend highlights key plants mystically associated with the flow of abundance, success, and prosperity, including Periwinkle, Red Clover, Mandrake Root, Fenugreek, Orange Peel among others. Used with specific dates of the year, such as during a Solstice, New or Full Moon, or other seasonally optimal times, as well as in ritual, this herbal blend can enhance a fulfillment of intention, heighten one’s responsibility and power to fiscal management, and overall synchronicity to the spirits of opportunities around. Mindset is prosperous. Will is determined.

VIBRATIONAL ATTUNEMENTS: a mindset of abundance, success, and positivity

SHAMANIC MESSAGE: I am in the flow of abundance

Ideal for all spirit types, especially for those who have committed to shift out of scarcity mindsets.


  • Natural, 100% plant ingredients

  • The element of fire transforming earth

  • Shamanic imprints for guided spiritual consciousness

  • Filler and toxin-free

Directions: Carefully place a few pinches on a lit charcoal disk (which is placed on heat-proof dish of sand) in a well ventilated area, and add as needed. Do not leave unattended. Recite the mantra, “Abundance. Success. I am in the flow of wealth now.” Follow with spiritual and ceremonial ritual. This incense can be used to energetically cleanse your wallet, your office space, and your home; careful to avoid burning. (Avoid if sensitive to smoke or have respiratory complications). Store in a cool, dry, and dark place. Most optimal when used within 6-12 months of opening).

50ml / 1.7 oz

Please allow 5-7 business days for products to leave our facility. For more information, visit SHIPPING AND RETURNS.



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