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Ritual-based beauty for your inner shaman. Ceremonie integrates shamanic and other earth spirituality rituals with plant science to offer safe and effective skin solutions and increased well-being.



Self care and spiritual support in the form of Remote Shamanic Readings, Shamanic Home and Space Clearings, Auric Healing, Bespoke Shamanic Fragrances, and other practices to promote healing and prosperity.

“I am here to help you
(re)connect with your spirit allies and recall your soul’s purpose.”

— Mimi Young, shamanic practitioner + plant spirit medicine teacher

REMOTE SHAMANIC READINGS (this is a distance healing service and is available globally)
Shamanic journeying is the oldest, cross-cultural spiritual practice, using a rattle and drum to enter an altered state of consciousness and travel between the unseen worlds. Traveling on your behalf, Mimi embarks on a sacred, shamanic journey and then provides a detailed written record of her findings via email. You are welcome to present a question or concern with Mimi prior to the Shamanic reading, or allow her to intuitively explore and discover your plant spirit allies, power animals, and other guides. She can also facilitate via shamanic journeys to accelerate harmony and clear negative patterns. Be open to receive practical and sacred insights related to your skin or other areas of your life. An individual may feel called to receive a Shamanic reading if simply curious or experiencing an imbalance in physical, emotional, or etheric body and desires to seek clarity, encouragement, wisdom, and self-compassion. (Please note that all Shamanic Readings are offered remotely).

Ceremonie Remote Shamanic Readings can cover a wide variety of wisdom-based + healing services, including:

  • making contact with Guides and Spirits: animal spirits, plant spirits, mineral and other earth allies, dieties, ancestors, and other entities

  • looking into the future and potentials

  • soul development and life purpose work

  • past life healing

  • soul retrievals

  • healing the ancestral line

  • clearing entanglements on spiritual planes that also can reduce conflicton the physical plane

The channeled email following the shamanic journey contains:

  • a detailed shamanic narrative

  • interpretation

  • additional insights

  • spiritual homework

  • a Post-Shamanic Reading Aftercare Ritual

45 minutes of shamanic journeying, followed by 90 minutes of interpretation and channeled writing: $325


Our homes, offices, and other spaces are where we retreat, create, or serve others. These sacred spaces hold energy, and can sometimes become grounds for negative energies from previous owners, clients and guests, or even from ourselves. Cleansing the energy in the spaces where we frequently dwell is just as important (if not more important) as cleaning and organization. Cleansing your space energetically can be done on a regular basis with smudge, but sometimes it is helpful to formally clear, dedicate, and bless. Working with Mimi in-person, you and your space will experience a deep clearing and a setting of/renewing of your intentions to direct positive energies that enhances healing, prosperity, and protection into your physical space.

Shamanic Home + Space Clearing Ceremony includes:

  • Through ritual and plant spirit medicine, experience a deep clearing of all unwanted/negative energies from your work/living space

  • Learn how to craft and proclaim effective affirmations to invite prosperous, loving, and protective energies

  • Energetic alignment of the space to serve you at the optimal level

  • Blessing of the space and people occupying it by invoking abundance, support, safety, and any other specific energies requested

  • Provision of shamanic and plant spirit medicine tools and materials for the occasion

  • Once the service is booked, you will be asked to describe the specific energies you would like to cultivate and invite in so Mimi can blend a bespoke loose herbal incense for you that will be used during the home/space cleansing ceremony (and afterwards).

  • A Companion Book written by Mimi that showcases the ritual of Space Cleansing Ceremonies

90 mins of preparations before the ceremony, followed by 75 minutes of cleansing ceremony at the site: $375


HEAL YOUR AURA (Vancouver only)
Auras are the electromagnetic energy field that surrounds our physical bodies. When an aura is balanced and healthy, it is bright, evenly distributed, whole and intact, and able to resist absorbing other people's energies. When one's aura is out of alignment, it can be dull, thin, assymetrical, too absorbent, and even contain holes or tears. This private, hands-on, one-on-one session with Mimi allows for you to see, sense, and understand your aura. Working with Mimi in-person, you will experience how to see and interpret your aura, how to mend the imbalances (including filling auric holes), and how to restore and protect your auric boundaries. An offering of healing crystals and protective plant spirit medicines may also be introduced. 
75 mins, $375 *very limited


Shamanic journeying is a sacred ritual using a rattle and drum to enter an altered state of consciousness and travel between the unseen worlds. Working with Mimi in-person, personally experience a sacred, shamanic journey and learn how to connect with your plant spirit allies, power animals, and other guides. Discover practical and profound insights relating to your inner truth and highest purpose. An offering of energetic self-caring tools may also be introduced. An individual may feel called to receive mentorship and learn how to journey if simply curious or experiencing an imbalance in physical, emotional, or etheric body and desires to seek actively awaken or empower their own spiritual toolkit.

For those who choose to mentor with Mimi, they can, with practice, also learn intermediate techniques of past life healings, soul retrievals, and web/chord clearings, among other techniques. (Available by referral only. Please inquire to determine whether your location applies for an In-Person session.).  75 mins, $375 *very limited

Come together as an intimate group (minimum 3; maximum 6) and experience the same sacred and powerfully transformative shamanic ritual as described above. 75-90 mins, $285 per person, minimum 3 individuals in a group. *very limited


A Retreat in Shamanic + Esoteric Medicine
Come together as an intimate, soulful group of women (minimum 4; maximum 10) in Halfmoon Bay, British Columbia or other chosen destination, and experience deep rest, clarity, and transformation. Spirit Studies Retreats cover:

  • How to shamanically journey to the Lower World (and Upper World, client dependent)

  • Begin learning how to decipher symbols, metaphors, and how to divinate using Tarot and the I Ching

  • How to cast simple spells (which is just a very powerful intention) using shamanism, earth-based spirituality, ancestral assistance

  • Studies in plant medicines and plant spirit medicine

  • Studies in dream work and past life healing

  • Ancient Goddess studies

  • Opportunities to work one-on-one with Mimi, learn how to see, protect, and mend your aura energetically

  • Opportunities to work one-on-one with Mimi to access subconscious and expand consciousness via neurofeedback

  • Personalized Q&As, instruction, and more

3 days, 2 nights, 4-10 women in a group, offered as client-commissioned retreats. Please inquire via email.