Shadow Work: Stop Forcing the Light

Stop forcing the light. Instead, let us become reconciled to the shadows within before we can be reconciled to the shadows in the outer world. Only the acknowledgment of our own fears, triggers, narcissism, hate, and every other unappealing, rejected, denied or devalued part of ourselves can prevent the same reenactment of pain. “Love and light” spirituality is a symptom of the deep unacknowledged, dishonoured, and unresolved aspects of ourselves. Parts that have not had one witnessing it in a safe, tender, and accountable way. 

Light based spirituality is just another form of patriarchy: one that exudes (positive) toxicity, privilege, control, and censorship. When will we begin to understand that the road to healing is not through a saviour, but through a devil?⁣⁣
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Following the fear,
Mimi 💀🤍
Founder, spirit communicator and Wu shamanic occultist