Samhain Market Vancouver

Plants were the first and remain as the old initiator, the opener of the ‘In Between’ realms, the awakener of the spirit of the witch, the light of the crooked path. 

Plants lead the way at the parting of the veil, across time zones and season, chasing energies – of death, of birth, of life, of decay, and of death again. 

Plants in flowers, in leaves, in grasses, in sedges, in trees, in stems, in roots, in things that crawl and spread and tangle, they remain the innate and living presence of the wild, arcane, and lonesome places.

Ceremonie’s Skin + Aura Care contain such plants, who lend such properties in our spiritual practice, and also selected for metaphysical craft. If you consider yourself a spirit worker, a witch, a sorceress, an intuitive, a healer, a devoted, a weirdo, or simply in love with plants, consider visiting me this Saturday, October 28 from 7-10PM at @liquidambertattoo as part of the Art Social + Witches of Vancouver market event. The Skin + Aura Care will be available between 18-22% OFF, and it’s ONLY for this event, as well as my remaining Magick of Tea events for 2023 that such rad prices will be made available. 

Artists, artisans, and witches featured at Liquid Amber Tattoo on Commercial Drive, Vancouver X The Witches of Vancouver’s Art Social + Market are (IG handles listed): 

@shopceremonie (me! )