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"I'd like you to know I enjoyed the Fire module thoroughly, and I learned way more than I ever expected. With the practices we explored, and the confidence that you transmit through your teachings, I've managed to set off some significant changes in my life and I'm committed to riding the wave through..."

José Rosales-Lopez

“Mimi is the real deal, and no matter where you are in your spiritual practice, she has the ability to create the best spaces, where you feel safe to grow and become who you are meant to be... powerful and confident.”

Mary Sandstrom

"This mentorship has been so transformative in ways that I don’t even have words to convey the depths of."

Ruby Minji Hwang

"I started my week today, Monday, with watching the replay of yesterday's class that I wasn't able to be apart of live. I had to pause at 30 minutes into the class because, just as you said "If you can embody 8 in your life it means that you're connected to the story, that 1 gave birth to 2, that 2 gave birth to 3, and 3 gave birth to 10,000 things," tears rolled down my eyes like water released from the tension of a water dam. Even I was taken aback by this response, but it hit such a deep chord within my heart, it felt like liberation. To preface this moment, I was coincidentally reading the Tao Te Ching on Saturday morning and landed on that very passage you shared in class about 1 giving birth to 2 and so forth on Sunday. When you began the class with that passage, it was all the more affirmation to me that in the practice of inviting yin/yang and the bagua to show up in my life, they were showing me the Way. I'm only 30 minutes into Week 3's class and I had to pause it to write to you to say thank you for putting into words so eloquently, so vividly, so precisely, the memory of our shared ancestors. Thank you. I'm really enjoying this module - there's just been so many moments of alignment with the I Ching, Wu Xing and Bagua explorations. I've been exploring these topics for a few years now from an intellectual perspective. The way you teach, however, gives life to what are often conveyed as concepts. You have a way of returning their power and voice to them: the I Ching, Wu Xing, and Bagua. And in so doing, we are able to reclaim our power and voice for ourselves. For that I am most grateful. "

Charlene Chang