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"The 5 Elements Zodiac Reading I had with Mimi was one of the most nourishing things I've ever done for myself. I didn't realize how much I needed someone to speak to me about who I am, particularly with her level of accuracy. Even though I've spent the past few years getting to know myself better and deconditioning myself with somatic work, shadow work, and shamanic work, Mimi's understanding of how I'm made filled me and helped me further destigmatize parts of myself. Highly recommend this reading!"

Shagufta Mulla

"MM Wood + Metal module felt like a portal that transported me back to myself: a version that recognizes the surrounding trees and household mugs for the kindred beings that they are. I deepened my connection to practical mundane magic surrounded by a warm and wise community. Thank you Mimi, I am so grateful."

Amy Chou

"Highly recommend a session with Mimi! I listened to mine back a year later and it was incredibly accurate and just as potent listening back."

Katie Buemann

"Do you love your skincare so much you get excited to put it on your face? I do! And does my fiancé!"

Claire Gabereau