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"I came to Mimi's writing retreat not exactly knowing what to expect but knowing Mimi's previous offerings, I had a feeling it would be so much deeper than I could have imagined. The magical thing about this retreat is that it shifts your relationship with words altogether. You come in thinking we'd spend time rearranging words or dealing with form in some way but instead you leave with words as your intimate friends that you can take on the life journey with you. Now that's magical."

Olena P

“Thank you for a wonderful two weeks thus far with yourself and the lovely beings that are are part of the Mystery Mentorship program. Can I first say that Mystery School has never been more Aquarian age-y than this, and I love it. The lessons learned so far (as part of this mentorship, as well as your other offerings) have allowed me to stay more grounded in myself. Be more myself, free of any paradigms that have been consciously or unconsciously on Her. Additionally, to not fear the unknown, be it the occult, life, everything in between (and beyond). I am very grateful to have been led towards Ceremonie. Words cannot explain it, but I’m sure you understand the magic i speak of. And of course, grateful to you, as a teacher + practitioner, to give me enough to explore this on my own confidently day-to-day, while still having an lighthouse to anchor to weekly. Thank you for this connection to my Self, my ancestors, and other beings. “

Sarah Chay

"OMG the spell from the [On-Demand e-course, BEING AN INTUITIVE IN THE WORKPLACE] works!! I cannot believe it, this is quite magical. I am floored by the results, thank you. I was about to leave this job and all I needed is a good spell turns out."

Olena P

“…your readings had a profound impact on me. They have shifted my life immensely in words that I cannot describe. I also wanted to thank you for your by donation and discounted courses. There was a time where I could more than afford your readings and courses and due to recent events, even before COVID-19, I quickly found myself in the worst financial place I have ever been. I am very, very grateful for the opportunity you have provided for all of us. I am writing you because I wanted to let you know personally that the amount I am able to pay right now is not reflective of how much I value your work. You know the value of your work regardless of what I have to say about it. It is so powerful and has truly played a large part in aving my life. I have just lost so much that I don’t want to lose the growth I have accomplished in the last coupleof months. Please understand that I am deeply sorry I cannot offer you more financial compensation. It is deeply admirable that you are opening up your offerings in this way when you also have your own family with children you need to make sure you can care for. I promise I am not taking advantage of your kindness. I am using a decent percentage of what I have financially, which is not much at all, because I deeply value you, your offerings, and the love and growth the have facilitated within myself. The amount seems shameful to me because of what the original pricing of your courses. I didn’t want your generosity to go unnoticed. Hopefully someday I can offer you more again. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. Your studies and readings have been uplifting in a very difficult time. I do not take this for granted.”

Client requested to remain anonymous