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"I have been really resisting my project though it has been something I've been thinking about for over a year. I am passionate about the idea, but I just didn't think I had space in my life to invest the time or energy, nor was I sure that I was the right person to make it happen. I joined the Evoking Your Business Series because I thought I could generally use the practices in my existing workspace versus focus my energy on a specific project. When we got started it became immediately clear that this project was meant to be the focus for me. Honestly, this made me a little angry, and I continued to distance myself whenever I thought or talked about it. That all changed after our spell work last week. I had booked a day off on my calendar for my birthday. At the last minute plans for the day were canceled and I was feeling totally energized, so I decided to put a bit of work into my project. While researching I realized that there was a volunteer opportunity planned for the same day, and there was a chance some of the people I needed to connect with would be there. So I showed up and was able to connect with the two exact people I needed to move my project forward. Since then I have been absolutely bubbling with energy, not only am I making tonnes of progress on the project, but my regular day-to-day work, hobby projects, and all the other opportunity conversations I've been having are completely aligned and are inflow."

Jessica Watson

"Wow...I am so incredibly touched by your reading. Words can barely express. It brought me to tears when I first read it. I have never experienced a reading quite like it! Thank you so much!!!! I wanted to reply right away but I figured I would sit with the reading for a bit first. There are so many interesting, synchronistic symbols woven throughout the entire reading, its hard to know where to start. ... In general I just feel more supported throughout my day. I am looking forward to seeing where it is I go, and what my relationship with my spirit allies will become. The reading gave me so much hope and clarity."

Paige Eustatia

"I just wanted to send you a special Thank You for my beautiful box that arrived today. I truly felt like it was Christmas morning, opening up my order. Your products are SO Divine, I always end up taking pictures, as I unbox, because every aspect of detail is beautiful and a whole experience to behold. I am working my way to having one of each of your products, at least, near my altar. Your creations are my FAVORITE gifts to buy for myself, and I am putting together an order that I will place in the coming months, that will turn into gifts for my best friends. I cannot wait for them to be graced by your cosmic elixirs!"

Megan C

"Four years ago I walked away from a serious relationship and "dream" job because I felt they were both distracting me from my life's purpose. In the years that followed, and in the light of a Saturn return, I tried tirelessly to make sense of my day dreams that would show me the life I believe I came here to live. When I would share these thoughts with others they whole-heartedly believed in me and could really see me doing it, but for some reason I never could. I often felt like I couldn't see anything, or that maybe I was crazy . . . just like my dad. It is weird having the feeling that you were born to be a radical/revolutionary – because as electrifying as it is, it is also stiflingly heavy. And before your mentorship I was struggling to contain both of those emotions. In connecting with the Mother Peace deck, hearing your wisdom and education on decolonization, and learning the multiple spiritual practices you have shown us – I have found stability. For four years I have been waiting for a parachute and this mentorship has shown me that it is never coming. I cannot go back to who I was and the world I have been trying my whole life to belong in, doesn't need me to belong. Instead, the world needs me to help re-shape it so that we can all belong and co-create a better one. I still can't see it all but what I do know is that I am no longer hiding from my purpose but navigating within it. As my final fun fact, I wrote 2 goals at the start of 2020 with absolutely no idea where to start (see attached). They were: 1) I will have seen and access to my own past lives and 2) I will live in my purpose as a plant medicine woman through food - and thanks to your mentorship I have found both :)"

Justine Anweiler