THE HIDDEN VALLEY OF REST: A Winter Solstice E-Gathering



Wednesday, December 21, 2022
From 6-8PM PST
Live-stream with recording

A live-stream Winter Solstice gathering to slowly descend into the deep quiet, granting yourself the gentleness and attentiveness you crave. Accompanied by a group I Ching reading to anchor, affirm, and guide as you enter the Yin season.

How many calm, rested, and relaxed people do you know? If you’re anything like me, you probably haven’t had a lot of modelling around prioritizing, let alone granting yourself the permission to be rested, self-regulated, and in a baseline state of quiet pleasure. Being able to recognize when we need solitude and rest, as well as granting ourselves the permission to go there, is compassionate and necessary work that resources us to navigate life, challenges, and the trying emotions / sensations that may come.

If stress, activity, distraction, overload, stimulation, or heartbreak has displaced you, step into this Hidden Valley Of Rest this Winter Solstice night.
Descend into quiet.
Descend into slowness and stillness.
Descend into giving yourself the attention you crave.
Descend into the sacred darkness.
Descend into the space in-between.
Descend into listening.
Descend into a deep sigh of the heart and mind.
Descend into a cradling.
Descended into a protected circle.
Descend into the trust that we can rest.

What to expect during this live-stream gathering (with replay):

  • Harness the once-a-year potency of this year’s Winter Solstice to hold you in safety as you deeply listen to how you digest emotions/energies, and how to better prioritize a quiet sense of rest and pleasure.
  • Through a guided spirit travel into the Lower World (Yin’s domain), experience a visit with and to this primordial energy source.
  • Connect to your ancestors and other spirit allies to receive fruits of restfulness.
  • Engage in the process of deactivating your fears and hesitations around rest, inviting more Yin this Winter Season so that you can experience the regulation and regeneration you need.
  • Receive a group I Ching reading that shares what the Yin Season will give opportunity for / bring up for you.

Please have the following supplies available for when you tune-in:

  • pen
  • paper
  • calculator or access to this link:
  • blind fold / something that can function as one
  • candle
  • cleansing plant such as dried rosemary, mugwort, or Ceremonie’s Sacred Plants Cleansing Mist
  • blanket (optional)
  • hot tea of choice (or other type of beverage of your preference)


$35 – Early bird savings until December 7
$58 – General admission

This event will be held via Zoom. Once you have signed up, Zoom login details will be emailed to you within 24 hours. All ticket holders will be sent a replay link via email within 48 hours after the event, and must be downloaded within 48 hours of distribution. Please download the contents within the 48 hours onto your device so that you will have the recording in perpetuity. Note as this event we will be in deep work, it is recommended that attendees are 19+ years old.

PS. To respect everyone’s time, we start the event punctually. Late-comers will be granted entrance at natural pauses within the programming.
PPS. If you would like to contribute more than the general admission amount so that a larger portion of your ticket can be directed towards scholarships, to help ensure Mimi’s work remains as accessible as realistically possible, please send her an email INFO@SHOPCEREMONIE.COM.

*GST will be added to tuition for all Canadian residents 

THE HIDDEN VALLEY OF REST: A Winter Solstice E-Gathering