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In the beginning, tea was used in ritual offerings, eaten as a vegetable, and consumed as medicine. Moving through the Chinese dynasties, tea evolved from physiological and spirit medicine, expanded into an art form, and became a drink celebrated by all social classes. From a shamanic perspective, tea displays a rich connection to Earth, her elements, meditation and divination, and is connected to shape shifting. Being the plant medicine of choice by many eastern monastic devotees and mystics, tea has had a significant role in bridging spirit and material, sleep and waking life, and more.

This Spirit Study On-Demand pre-recorded course discusses how tea has and can play a role in shamanic and esoteric practices. What to expect from SHAMANISM + TEA:

  • Understand how tea is the oldest shamanic plant medicine via myth and legend

  • Discover ‘Cha Qi’- tea’s personality and life force – according to the tea classification

  • Learn how to channel tea’s being and wisdom

  • Learn how to use tea as an agent to connect with your ancestors

  • Observe Mimi in a ceremony involving tea and the 8 Bagua elements according to the I Ching (the ancient Chinese divination practise)

  • Discover what others are asking about tea as a plant spirit medicine

Supplies to have on hand:

  • Pot of tea

  • Hot water

  • Tea of choice – oolong preferred

  • Journal and pen

Duration: 2 hours


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