PRAYERS + DEVOTIONS IN ANIMISM – Elemental Contribution


Movements 1 + 2: Inhale and Exhale

20 weeks of weekly journeys; live sessions starts April 3, 2022

The 20-week live-stream of Prayers + Devotions in Animism: Weekly Journeys in Mystical Communication is available via sliding scale, to make this offering as accessible as possible. Please select a contribution amount that best reflects your capacity to support my labour as a one-woman of colour business. By valuing my work in the way you can, we can step into reciprocity which empowers me to continue to offer my work to you. Payment plan currently available for the full series (Movements 1 + 2 combined).

Early bird savings of $400: Until March 6 at 11:59PM PST, early bird sign-ups save $400. Early bird savings is only available when both Prayer + Devotions in Animism Movements are enrolled together.

PRAYERS + DEVOTIONS IN ANIMISM – Elemental Contribution

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