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Learning from our other ancestors

The Earth offers many forms of nourishment, wisdom, and healing. Some are meant to be loud, offer contrast from our reality, or immense emotional warmth; these are often medicines to be consumed under the guidance of an elder or other seasoned wisdom keeper. Other plants offer much softer, nuanced, and subtle energies which also are highly medicinal. The latter can be consumed regularly and even many times a day. These plants are often more common, and nature intended them to be common so that we can access them more easily. This is the paradox – what’s often most instructive to our consciousness is not necessarily ‘exotic’, but is under our noses (pun intended) or in our backyards.

Join Mimi Young, shamanic intuitive and plant spirit educator of Ceremonie, for a 4-hour intensive pre-recorded course that includes in-depth and hands-on learning from non-entheogenic (non-psychedelic) plants and their spirits that are still immensely powerful in our daily and esoteric practises. You will renew your connection with plants, heighten your intuitive abilities to communicate with plants, and be transformed by their potency and wisdom.

We cover:

  • Learning from common plants, discovering their personality and life force

  • Learning how to channel a healing plant’s being and accessing their wisdom

  • Plant medicines in communicating with ancestors and others in the spirit world

  • Plant medicines for requests, spells, prosperity, and protection

  • Methods to working with a plant teacher

  • Which plant medium is appropriate for what

  • Basic core shamanic journeying with a plant ally

  • Recipes for specific plant medicines, blends, and infusions

  • Plants teachers we will be learning from include the Tea bush (Camellia sinensis), wild and cultivated herbs, conifers, flowers, and more

Supplies to have on hand

  • journal and pen

  • eye cover, bandana, or scarf

  • candle

  • Purifying plant smoke (suitable plants include sustainably sourced White Sage, Common Sage, Frankincense, Rosemary, Cedar, Mugwort. A smokeless, mist option is also available HERE).

  • 1-3 pocket clear quartz pieces (optional)

  • rattle (optional)

  • some tea (unflavoured Oolong or Chinese green is recommended)

  • 2-3 different essential oils (one must be a coniferous tree essential oil such as Pine)

  • burdock root (dried)

  • 2-3 different fresh or dried plant samples (can be leaf, flower, root, but must be of 2-3 different plants)

Duration: ~4 hours


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