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This is not science fiction: The energy and currents of human-made tools, technology, and electronics have consciousness, can communicate psychically, and hold space. As animists and magick practitioners, we can approach tech spirits from a perspective of allyship.

In the animist’s tradition, all things are energy and have some form of consciousness. It is the animist that relates with a cup as more than a cup, or a chair as more than a chair. In the age of information and hyper-connectivity, the animist can also relate with machines and digital spirits, and as magick practitioners, it’s in our nature to look at what is hidden beneath the vast powers of computers and other mechanical and artificial intelligences, to access the Unseen beyond Nature and conventional spirits and relate with the very real spirits of the machine and digital world. Magick is in the now, no matter where and what ‘the now’ is.

By doing this, humans are able to approach what we create, what we generate, and what we consume with a sense of calm wisdom and collaborative responsibility. By making allies with machine and digital spirits, we can learn how to live intuitively and magickally in our current modern reality without the need to label only the natural world as ‘spiritual’. The return-to-self is not only on plant medicine retreats in the woods (which are deeply consumption-based); the return to self can happen right here on your iPhone (which you already have). The consciousness of technology invites us to step into a refreshed sense of awareness, intuition, self-commitment and empowerment. Modernity can also be spiritual.

Join Mimi Young, spirit communicator and founder of CEREMONIE, for a pre-recorded 2-hour e-course that includes in-depth and hands-on learning so you can begin or sharpen your existing spirit and magickal practice with machine and digital spirits.

In this MACHINE + DIGITAL SPIRITS on-demand e-course, we will cover:

  • What machine and digital spirits are
  • How they manifest in our devices, our homes, in other spaces, and in the world
  • Machine roles / duties and how they are similar and different from nature-based spirits
  • How machine and digital spirits relate to the Yin and Yang principles
  • How machine and digital spirits relate to the I Ching
  • How to connect with machine and digital spirits, and how to channel machines
  • How machine and digital spirits can be an interface for other energies
  • Energies complimentary to machine and digital spirits
  • What it means when things go glitchy or are mysteriously not working / are working again
  • The energetic cautions with working with machine and digital spirits
  • Activities / practices that honour machine and digital spirits
  • Questions that live attendees have asked about their experiences with machine + digital spirits

 ~ 2 hr


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