Self Study



US Funds: $725 USD / per module if paid in full,
Three (3) monthly payments of $250 per module

NOTE: Prices are in USD (conversion to CAD for Canadian residents +5% GST will be processed at checkout)



  • Weaving aspects from the previous 2 modules
  • Shamanic Journeying into the Somatic Body
  • Alter Egos + Shapeshifting
  • Foundations in Chaos Magick—
    • Ethics of Magick
    • Basic spell / enchantment structures
    • Sigils
    • Invocations
    • Evocation + Animism
  • Sex, Pleasure, Rest as Components of Magick
  • Lunar Mysteries + Invoking the Lunar New Year
  • Casting Spells with the Motherpeace Deck
  • Plant Spirit Medicine—
    • Creating Your Signature Healing Plant Fragrance
      Fire spotlight
    • Food Recipes
  • Optional Tailored Electives—
    • Healing Your Food Relationship with Shamanism
    • Shamanism to Support Pregnancy + Birthing


Format + Time Commitment:

  • Pre-recorded online instruction so you can learn privately at your own pace
  • Pre-recorded accountability sessions to support, stretch, and uplift you
  • Pre-recorded celebration call with discussion of Aftercare at the end of each module
  • Electives via the On-Demand Spirit Studies canon so you can enrich and tailor your learning
  • Expect to commit an average of 1.5-3 hours to weekly lessons, plus ~1 hour of weekly hands-on practice. At the end of each Module’s formal studies, expect to invest 1-2 hours a week in Aftercare, Electives, Solo Practicum opportunities, or at your own convenience.


Enroll for a single module, a few modules, or for the complete 5-part Mystery Mentorship that spans over 16 months. Each module lasts between 12-20 weeks (depending on the module). Each contains a min of 9 weeks of structured programming, with the 9th week being an online social celebration kicking off 7 days of Aftercare. From week 10 onwards is a flexible period of elective studies, peer practicum, and conscious integration before we begin the following module.

All sales final (no exceptions). By enrolling in this Mystery Mentorship, you have read and are agreeing to this liability waiver.

Self Study