Evoking Your Business + Project Series – Single Payment


Conjure, activate, and expand your new or existing small business or big project by integrating pragmatic business and creation skills, with the support and alignment of earth-based principles and supernatural practices. This unconventional, self-study business program is for you if you have a longing to birth your business or passion project in a way that is intuitive, spirit-collaborated, and responsible, while also being viable, efficient, and contributing towards an equitable future for all.


This 18- week Evoking Your Business + Passion Project self-study series is available via a payment plan, or save $210 by paying in one sum.

Partial Ceremonie Scholarships are available in limited quantities.

Folks who are Black, Indigenous, of color, queer, trans, non-binary, are neurodiverse or have different abilities are encouraged to apply by emailing info@shopceremonie.com. Please indicate this in your email.

By enrolling in this Evoking Your Business + Passion Project series, you have read and are agreeing to this liability waiver and our terms.

All sales final (no exceptions).


Topics of study:

  • Your Business / Project is an Alchemical Being: Meet It Shamanically
  • Your Elements: Your Strengths, Your Limits
  • Working with Your Light + Shadow
  • Altar Egos + Personas for Your Business / Project
  • Cosmic Board of Directors: Calling In Your Business’ / Project’s Spirit Allies
  • Workspaces as the Active Altars
  • Identifying the essential currents for your specific business / project
  • Shamanic Art Therapy: An Inspired Business Vision
  • Chaos Spellwork for Business
  • A New World: Decolonizing + Non-Extractive Business Principles
  • Intuitive Branding + Integrous Language
  • Zero Waste Resources
  • Approaching Licenses, Registration, Insurance, etc Magickally
  • Money, Pricing, Boundaries + Terms
  • The Eternal in Your Calendar: Circular Time Management
  • Un-usual Operations
  • Listening with Confidence: Innovate, Test Your Ideas, Respond
  • Business Audits: Reflection, Assessment, Appreciation, Evolution


Topics of study:

  • You are Your Archetype
  • How to Not Work For Free
  • Cultivating Your Team and How to Afford It
  • Boundaries as Branding + Marketing
  • Ecosystems as Sales Funnels
  • Real-It + You’ll Make It
  • Exceptional, Magickal Service
  • Self Care as Business Strategy
  • Forest for the Trees: Good is Good Enough > Perfection
  • Decolonized Marketing
  • Offerings as Form of Marketing
  • When to Have Sales
  • Heart-Centered Content Creation
  • Cross Pollination + Brand Integration
  • Consequential PR
  • Timelines, Planning Launches, and the Sacred
  • When You’re Not Sure: Channeling Your Business’ Spirit Allies
  • Wu Xing, Chinese Astrology: Rhythms + Cycles For Businesses + Project Building
  • Wisdom of the Counsel + Solving Needs


Evoking Your Business + Project Series – Single Payment