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Is it possible that the Devil is the portal to personal power, freedom, pleasure, and renewal?

Do you crave to be unconditionally understood? To know yourself? To experience full self-acceptance? To delight in pleasure completely? To stand in power? To relish in personal freedom? Would you believe that the way to this is not with “light and love”, but with “darkness”?

In myth, the Devil is described as the Tempter, luring you to do the forbidden. He is also called the Liar, the one who accuses you with hurtful words. As a society, we are told to fear, avoid, and reject the Devil, or to deny that he doesn’t exist. But what if the Devil does exist, and that his existence is actually an aspect of the Great Goddess, and is designed to offer healing and empowering medicine? What if we were to befriend the Devil, receive his wisdom, and become fuller, freer, and empowered as a result.

What to expect in this 3 hour On-Demand course:

Learning from the Devil, we will discover that his poisons reveal and invites the very medicine that is needed for our wholeness:

Walking in Darkness

  • how our fear of Darkness have prevented us to strive for what we deeply desire, how we have sabotaged ourselves, and what we continue to cover up.

  • how the “7 deadly sins” are not poisons and in fact are medicine

  • discover with clarity what the Devil is bringing you as medicine specifically

Nightmare Medicine

  • Nightmares reflect inner conflict, revealing the physical and inner mental / emotional struggles of our unconscious. They may be warnings of what may happen in the outerworld, but most often than not, they are warnings of our internal landscape, asking for the repressed frustration, rage, fear, shame, or other emotions that fuel the shadow to be seen and given space for in our waking life.

  • Some other times, recurrent Nightmares can be trauma spirits, energies that were formed when you have experienced something shocking, deeply upsetting, or violating. These trauma spirits are asking to be released via the permission to soothe and permission to experience joy/pleasure.

  • Via guided shamanic journeying, safely return to a Nightmare scene to rid trauma spirits and other negative energies

Invoking the Dark Goddess

  • Discussion of plant medicines (non-entheogenic) that assist with Shadow and Nightmare medicine

  • Respond to the mystic invitation for integration, for initiation, and self definition.

Supplies to have on hand:

Duration: 3 hours