poetry, tea & celebrations

Friday, December 8 from 7-9PM at O5 Tea


“Powerful, illuminating, and deeply transformative, Mimi’s work expands beyond the realm of oracular wisdom. Through her own unique lens, she shares a wealth of accessible and practical doorways through which we can learn to unlock even more forms of sacred living, as we are guided to connect with the beautiful mysteries of the unseen.”

⁠— Danielle Noel of Moon Child Tarot

Join us Friday, December 8 from 7-9PM
at O5 Tea (2208 W 4th Ave, Vancouver, BC)

A workshop-party (in-person only) that showcases esoteric/Daoist practices and creative rituals that can be engaged with Mimi Young’s book of poetry, A Tea Stronger Than Death. Flights of teas from O5 Tea, chocolate truffles from Coco + Olive, other treats, exquisite companion tea gift kits, and coveted raffle prizes.

What the event includes

Some of you know that I recently published a book of poetry, titled A TEA STRONGER THAN DEATH: Poems of Hurt and Healing While On Sacred Buffalo Guardian Mountain.

But did you know that there are ways to relate with the book esoterically and creatively?

Join us on a wintry night on Friday, December 8 to celebrate the second edition printing of A Tea Stronger Than Death, hosted by and in collaboration with O5 Tea. 

I’ll be covering:

  • Ways to ask the book questions to receive answers
  • The function of Yin + Yang in the book and cyanotypes
  • How to use the book as an aid in ritual and spirit prayer
  • How to activate your own creative voice
Alongside the workshop, also expect:
  • A feast of exquisite tea pairings with fine teas from O5 Tea
  • A reverie of artisanal chocolates and other treats 
  • Poetry readings from A Tea Stronger Than Death
  • Book signing (bring yours if you already have a copy!)
  • Entries for a chance to win raffle prizes for one-of-a-kind tea cyanotypes and other goodies, including a gaiwan by ceramicist Helen Kong of Secret Tea Time.
  • Ticket options to purchase your limited edition O5 x Ceremonie Book + Companion Teas Gift Kit
  • Access to the last sale of the year for Ceremonie’s Skin + Aura care items, 18-22% OFF

We’re grateful to each of you for your unwavering support in each of our small businesses over the year. We cherish the cultivated connections, as well as witnessing the friendships that have also formed through hanging together online and in-person. Whether it’s over tea at O5, Skin + Aura care and psychic readings with Mimi, our Magick of Tea collaborations, our hearts (and kettles) are boiling for you, and we offer thanks.

The limited supply O5 x Ceremonie Book + Companion Teas Gift Kit are composed to connect with our whole being, of healing and other meaningful moments of locating oneself over and over again through poems and with Tea.

The book, created during the 5-week thematic residency, Meeting For Teas, held at the Banff Centre for Arts + Creativity, located on the side of Sacred Buffalo Guardian Mountain, is a collection of poems and tea illustrations of grey scaled cyanotypes (sunprints) that showcase both prayer and journey through light, shadow, and verse. The second edition of the artist’s book has an extremely limited print run of 30, much like the first print of 50.



The companion teas from O5 Tea are selected, based on varietal, fragrance, body, complexities, and energetics, to reflect generous pairings for each of the Chinese esoteric elements while reading the poetry, striking chords of emotional attunement, introspection, and creative angles of repose:

  • Dragonwell Wen’s Hometown ‘Long Jing’, Green (the element of Wood)
  • Harvest Moon, White (the element of Fire)
  • Ming Jing Gaba, Oolong (the element of Earth)
  • Tea Horse Road | Yiwu 2006, Shou Puer (the element of Metal)
  • Wildbush, Black (the element of Water)

Housed in a minimalist wooden gift box, the featured O5 teas range from 15-30 grams each, and include prints of grey-scaled cyanotypes of each of them by Mimi Young.


Add-ons, for those who wish to purchase extra and pick up on December 8th’s event.

“I was down to try just about anything to feel a little chiller. …I felt more reflective, aware of my own feelings, and, most surprisingly, secure and confident in those feelings.”
— Harper’s Bazaar @harpersbazaarus
“Something that is interesting is how [Mimi] mentions plants being individuals.”
— Alex Elle @alex_elle


So much gratitude..

In some ways it feels like there’s no way A Tea Stronger Than Death is already onto its second print. In other ways it feels like the book has been here for a long while. Perhaps this speaks to the warm welcome and belongingness each of you have shown us. From the warm reception of my poems, with the Walter Phillips Gallery at Banff Centre as a stockist, to appearing on podcasts to share about grief and loss, to creative works as a response from the book such as ceramicist Helen Kong (Toronto), to the eye-moistening words and emails from those of you who have enjoyed the book… I can only say it’s such an honour.

Mimi xo


"It’s been awhile since my session with Mimi, and I still regularly notice its impact on me. Many of the things Mimi said have become guiding and grounding forces in my life. I highly recommend working with her in any capacity, she doesn’t tell you about yourself, she invites you into the process of unfolding into who you are. She’s clear, kind, and receptive."

Yvette Lalonde

“Mimi Young believes there’s a powerful creative current running through us… Learn how to tap into that energy.”


"Participating in the replays of our big group meetings feels very 'real time' for me, more so than any other replays I've engaged with in the past. I have a very real sense of being in the same space & time with you all, nodding and smiling with genuine pleasure and tearing up with the vulnerable shares. Somehow this is helping me to be present with my local community in an easeful, sustainable, more open, stronger, and more pleasurably authentic way. Thank you for sharing your hearts and shares and our collective magick!"

Vanessa Lindsay-Botten

“… the quality and quantity of what is experienced in this container is truly unparalleled.”

Flory Huang

“Mimi is the real deal, and no matter where you are in your spiritual practice, she has the ability to create the best spaces, where you feel safe to grow and become who you are meant to be... powerful and confident.”

Mary Sandstrom

"I'm getting so much out of it... You convey a lot of wisdom and teachings just in your deep presence."

J. Beyer