“We do [plants] an injustice when we treat them as less than they are, destroy them without compunction, see them as morning more than potential lumber, wood chips or fuel for our needs…” — Val Plumwood⁣

They are not products.⁣
They are not plant extracts, essential oils, resins, compounds, or other human-made rendering.⁣

They are plant persons. ⁣
They are teachers.⁣
They are healers.⁣
They are sorceresses.⁣
They are lovers.⁣
They are friends.⁣

And yes, because Health Canada and the FDA do not understand that I have the immense privilege of hearing them, learning from them, and blending them into plant choruses designed to help us, I need to call them things like Mists, Parfums, Toners, and Serums. ⁣

But YOU know. ⁣

You know that when you work with these plant medicines, that you are seen by these teachers. That your prayers are answered by them, who love, hear, and lift you. ⁣

Mimi xo

Mimi Young
founder and Spirit Communicator

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