I work with common plants. The ones that you can consume often, find around on the side of the road, on lawns and other nearby areas. I hold great regard for entheogens, but my allies are usually quiet and unassuming. A few are listed here, today being plants that support the Womb (energetically and physically):⁣

Internally consumed:⁣

  • Red Clover: nourishes the Yin energy within, cleanses the blood (from TCM’s perspective)⁣

  • Holy Basil: deeply relaxing, correlates to SMR brain waves (sensory motor rhythm is a brain wave that reduces feelings of anxiety and stress, not to mention sleeplessness)⁣

  • Nettle: nourishes the whole system, rich in calcium and magnesium⁣

  • I place 1 oz of dried herb (total) in 1 L of boiling water. I then just forget about it for 4-6 hours to allow for infusion to take place. Strain and consume (can reheat). ⁣

Topically applied:⁣

  • Kunzea: soothes muscle and joint aches, deeply relaxing and anti-inflammatory⁣

  • Yarrow: increases ability to set healthy boundaries, hormone balancing⁣

  • Ylang Ylang: alleviates mood swings, boosts libido, antispasmodic⁣

  • Mugwort: heightens intuition, related to the Crone, empowering⁣

  • Bay (Laurel): being one with the Cosmic Flow, easefulness, letting go of resistance, otherwise known as the ‘success herb’⁣

  • Topicals are most effective in essential oil form— 5-6 drops (max) in 15ml carrier. Apply over areas of body most needing the support; also can be anointed on chakra points in ritual.⁣

I really love these plant allies. They are teachers, mothers and grandmothers, and true friends. Would love to hear how forming relationships with these allies go for you!! ⁣

Mimi xo
founder and Spirit Communicator

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