If you’ve experienced quality patchouli essential oil, you’d know it’s a different animal compared to what’s commonly sold. The cheap Patchouli is clear, lacks body, and has a musk that is crude and loud. The note offers no subtlety or modulation, like an one note instrument or a speaker without volume control.⁣

Quality patchouli, distilled with expertise, has aged for a min of two years, developed viscosity, and a caramelly orange hue. This type of patchouli is the real deal and can be likened to fine wine — nuanced, sophisticated, and sweetly musky in the wildest, sexiest expression – not at all like the undeserved reputation of the “dirty hippie” patchouli. ⁣

Patchouli is associated with change. Once, as I was organizing the contents of oils in a new shipment, I knocked over a large quantity of Patchouli. The bottle shattered and my studio smelled magnificent, but I was also heartbroken that the contents could no longer be used for production. I recalled the story to my supplier while I placed a new order, and he, also a mystic plant medicine healer, reassured me that big changes were coming and loss incurred from the spillage would be thrice reimbursed. He was right. And I did not wait long for the currents of change and prosperity to arrive.⁣

Patchouli moves quickly, but in a way that helps you stay in your body and remain in tune. My sense is because they (Patchouli is non-binary!!) are so connected to the Earth and to truth telling that when you have Patchouli in your aura, it is virtually impossible to deceive yourself!⁣

I wear it as a single note and sometimes in synergies (blends). One of my fave blends is with Vetiver and Sandalwood — as found in Ceremonie’s GOOD VIBES ELIXIR in TERRAIN. It is a temple in a bottle — I instantly feel present and reverent when I wear it as a body oil.⁣

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Mimi Young
founder and Spirit Communicator

This post was first published on Ceremonie’s Instagram

Image credit: Iulia Agnew for Ceremonie