Botanical ash, or plant soot, rendered from fire, is the essence of a plant’s spirit and a powerful tool in plant magick. Whether this is from the remnants of incense or a plant (or blend of) burned by high temperatures, the ash is a sacred and useful magickal tool.

Plant ash is one of the oldest methods of working with plant spirits. Early humans have always understood the power and holy terror of fire, and when plant and fire are combined, alchemy takes place. You can make sacred botanical ash by using a small heat-proof covered vessel (such as a clay or cast iron pot), and place botanicals inside and allow the pot to sit in a very hot-burning fire for some time (I usually allow a few hours). This yields a pure ash that can be saved in a special jar. (Alternatively, you can also burn your dried herb of choice over a lit charcoal disk that is set over sand in a heatproof dish, and allow the herb to burn. Note this method may not always produce ash, as the charcoal must be very hot).

I then, during special moments at my altar or in some other ritual, apply some of the ash on my head, on my wrists, on my breastbone, on the tops of my feet, praying to my ancestors or invoking energies such as my alter egos. (More on alter egos will be covered in my Mystery Mentorship!)

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Mimi XO
founder, spirit communicator + shamanic intuitive

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