1. Intuition require spaciousness and an unrushed pace to be the most authentic and reliable.⁣

2. Rest and play fuel and sustain intuition.⁣

3. Curiosity, receptivity and non-judgment to associations, signs, symbols (dreams, omens, synchronicities, correspondences) develop fluency.⁣

4. Entering into a trance / field / inner room optimizes the flow of intuition.⁣

5. Your body will know first, and knows more.⁣

6. Intuition is most often a subtle language. Attune to subtlety.⁣

7. Allow all. Discern later.⁣

8. Practice, practice, practice.⁣

Two resources to further support your desire to deepen your intuitive and psychic muscles:

Mystery Mentorship is a self-paced program that highlights animism and the esoteric arts.

Mystery Mentorship

For folks who are looking to step into an online community that centres intuition, collaboration in the esoteric arts, and co-care /co-resourcing, Homing Coven is the place!

Homing Coven

With heart,