Morphic Fields and Magick

I shared in January’s newsletter that a morphic field is an energy field that is created by those aligned through a shared focus; they can be physically together or geographically apart, and the resonance built by the participants can act as a channel of communication and of shared blessings. Morphic fields are also reinforced by successive generations. The term was formed by biologist Rupert Sheldrake in his work, Hypothesis of Formative Causation, though in esoteric terms, a field is not bound to biology alone.

It is this multi-layered field that is fed through its corresponding season, and maintained by generations that makes it stable for reliable and lasting magick. Magick relies on power— and power, much like electricity, exists as currents, channels, lines, or pathways. The power is also most practical when it has some range and pliability within it, rather than an all-too narrow, all-too rigid field that has potency but minimal applicability.

The most helpful morphic fields to access for spell work are ones not exclusively created by humans, and instead are earth-based, felt by the land, its various green, fungal, winged and legged inhabitants and the Unseen beings that act as custodians of a locale. This is why morphic fields based on seasonal events, such Solstices and Equinoxes work well, as they may contain human / spirit aspects, but also are tangibly anchored in patterns of the Earth/Sun/Moon.

To cast a spell that taps into a brand new morphic field simply does not hold sufficient power for immediate use. Old morphic fields are preferred: Traditions are powerful, and the understanding of these customs lend to further power, and respect for the culture, beings and energies we are working with is what helps build lasting transformation. Respect for the power and its pathway is also what keeps the power source clean, free from energetic debris, unwell spirits, and energetic hitchhikers and vampires. With that said, not all old things are healthy; some traditions can prioritize hierarchy or seniority, which ultimately not only harms, but can stifle magick and the Mystery.

In the Homing Coven, my coven-mates come together every other Sunday as a larger group to practice accessing morphic fields. The fields call us. We don’t always know why they call, but we most definitely feel the power of reconnection to ancestral lines and other ancient lines. We understand it’s too essential to ourselves to not respond to magick. We listen, we heal, we love, and we also grow in intuitive skill. There is something wondrous about this to witness as a group. How we are learning how to make space for what’s important to us, how we do magick instead of merely talk about magick. How it’s all online and yet we feel and are close. The other Sundays are devoted to smaller gatherings of coven-mates; we call these groups ‘cohorts’, though they are named by the cohorts based on the various topics they are exploring via magick, animism, and other forms of esoteric practice. So far, there’s a cohort that is dedicated to individual and collective rest, feeling rested, and responsive boundaries. Another cohort, named “Sexy sisterhood of the time traveling witches” honours lineage magick and healing. And still, another cohort that approaches career and business with spells, practicality, and integrity. We get to show up as real humans, where spirituality meets complex, weighted topics, where we are held as a group with mutual honour. What a relief it is to not need to perform! We each feel unconditional.

How does one tap into a morphic field or similar magickal current?

  • Firstly, look at the cyclical and seasonal observances of the year that are land-based; they almost certainly contain powerful fields.
  • Where you meet your spirit allies, well ancestral spirits, and other Unseen energy most frequently often are near morphic fields.
  • Big, collective and timeless topics such as money, though is not Earth-based in it of itself, can also hold an energetic pathway.
  • Traditional cultural celebrations feed morphic fields.
  • Rites of passages of the body, such as menarche and menopause, tap into morphic fields.
  • A death of a family member or loved one can activate lineage lines.

More will be covered and experienced in the HOMING COVEN. 

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Mimi xo