The photo of me taken by my friend and fellow witch, Jessie Robertson (photographer and co-director of The Witches of Vancouver documentary) says it all. Life is messy and shaky, sometimes a little more, and other times, we get the reprieve of a little less.

When life is shakier, it affects us energetically and physically. I find that when I am overwhelmed, depleted, and exhausted, these are my favourite go-to allies:

A common “weed” that grows in most temperate climates, Burdock Root is long recognized in Traditional Chinese Medicine and other folk herbal traditions as immensely supportive of the liver, the build up of internal heat, and is a powerful detoxifier.

In a 1L mason jar, I place roughly 2 tbsp of dried Burdock Root. Add boiling water to the top. Place lid on and allow it to do its medicine to release for 6 hours. Strain and consume. Burdock is one of those plant medicines that need time to work in your system. I tend to drink it daily for 2-3 weeks straight before taking a break. I find it helpful to drink it when I get rashes or other skin reactions that are rooted from dietary and emotional overwhelm.

I love kelp. A common food from my Taiwanese upbringing (and other coastal Asian cultures such as the Japanese), kelp is seen as a potent medicinal food. It is high in minerals and helps clean out your system from an overload of metals and toxicity. I find that energetically, it also allows for deep emotions to move through the body so that it can be released in a safe way.

There are plenty of kelp recipes out there, but I love braising it in tamari with water/broth, with a hint of cinnamon, star anise, black peppercorn, onion, shallots, and garlic. Add some organic meat into it if it’s your jam for some extra umami, but shiitake mushrooms are also delicious braised. Braise the mushrooms first and then add the re-hydrated kelp (I recommend soaking it in water for 4 hours before cooking) the last 10-15 minutes. Rehydrated kelp does not need a lot of time to cook. Serve with activated / sprouted grains. I tend to drink water before meals, and eating kelp is no exception, as it’s high in fiber and you’ll need the water to move it through your system!

Rose and Geranium are the Mother and Crone archetypes respectively. If you have sensitive skin, dilute it in a ration of 5 mL carrier oil to 2-3 drops essential oil. Or simply use it neat (an aromatherapy term for undiluted). Apply to tops of shoulders, sternum, tops of feet, lowerback. Engage in this ritual daily for one moon cycle (one month). You will notice that you are supported and strengthened energetically, feeling more sovereign.

The much anticipated PLANT SPIRIT MEDICINE DIGITAL EDITION e-course is now open! It’s a 4 hour intensive where I will be sharing the wisdom of some of my favourite common plants for both physical and energetic benefit!

With so much love,

Mimi Young
founder and Spirit Communicator

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Please keep in mind that I am not a medical doctor; what I provide above is for educational purposes.