Mist in Daoism

In Daoism (Taoism), mist (and fog) is often used as a metaphor for the Unknown, the Hidden, or Mystery. Mist as a symbol of the hidden forces of nature, the secrets of life, and the elusive nature of the Dao (Tao) itself.⁣

Mist is also associated with Yin, the receptive force in the universe, mist being formless, undefinable, ever changing.⁣

Mist can humble us and invite us to be open to the presence of the Unseen. Mist as a living being, a mysterious teacher, and by being her students, we can cultivate an inner stillness, and walk through the portal between the physical world and the spiritual realm.⁣

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Mimi Young,
Founder of Ceremonie and Animist Spirit Communicator