The more I delve into magickal studies (Daoist-centered in my case), the clearer it becomes that my essence is meant to continually transform. This constant state of flux should be evident in both my spiritual practice and the art I create; otherwise, I risk becoming generic and empty, merely a passing trend. I end up repeating formulas that promise external but shallow approval while compromising my values and authentic voice, a pattern I observe in others as well.

To maintain creative and magickal vitality, we must reject expectations of unwavering uniformity and predictability. It’s a bold choice to avoid getting trapped in busywork or pursuing conditional approval, which reduces our art, our voice, and our devotion to a mere commodity, devoid of its divine purpose. 

The Dao teaches us that there are seasons where the disintegration of givens, truths, and even of our senses are part of our spiritual and creative work. We are meant to submerge, and through a loss of the rational, we can emerge from the abyss of endings, liberating us from the stale. Each morning we rise out of the darkness of the night prior, each morning is a certain death of night, and with each ending comes a renewal of a different kind of consciousness and creative self.