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Magick of Tea: Flower Beings and Being Flowers

With Summer Solstice approaching, in this installment of Magick of Tea, we’ll be exploring plant personhood through hands-on exercises and rituals to deepen plant-and-human kinship with seasonal flowers rooted in magick tradition, Chinese Taiwanese Tea traditions, and herbalism. We will work with the forms of “windows” and “mirrors” to invite co-presence, mutual recognition, and shapeshifting with a selection of specific flowers and plant allies.
June 17, 2023
9:30AM – 11:30AM PST
Hybrid In-person at O5 Tea (Vancouver) and Live-stream with Replay


Join us for an enchanting experience of hands-on kitchen witchery, intuition, creativity and collaboration, as Mimi leads the group through one of her favorite recipes of making fermented wild sodas layered with psychic connection, plant wisdom, and ritual. Together, we’ll infuse these elixirs-in-the-making with a co-created collective spell, harnessing the transformative energy of the fermenting flower infusion. As we activate the potent Yang properties of the Summer season, attendees will have the opportunity to enjoy their fermented sodas roughly 2 weeks from this date. During our time together, you’ll also be invited to ‘bring your plant friend’ to the e-gathering, where you can share with the group your own plant teacher / plant ally encounters, experiences, stories and myths, as well as inquiry. The group will be held by each other, the plant-kin, and the Summer Solstice. We’ll also participate in an exercise that further promotes closeness with our chosen plant (or perhaps, the plant chose us!).
June 21, 2023
Live-stream with Replay

Magick of Tea: Caught in the Sun – Being More Visible

In this installment of Magick of Tea, when we’re basking in Summer’s warmth and light, the theme of visibility and permission to be become prominent. With Tea as our teacher, guide, and companion, we will be guided shamanically to enter through the scaffolds of our personhood(s), and explore themes of recognition, witnessing, acknowledgement, personality, greatness, differentiation, belonging, and ultimately, visibility. “Is this all I want?” and “How do I want to be known?” will act as catalysts in our journeying with Tea. Mimi will also share her own stories of self-effacement and living with imposter syndrome, while offering practical supports that can invite an increased comfort and courage with ourselves. Attendees will have the opportunity to share experiences, contribute inquiry, and co-witness profound shifts within ourselves and the group around the theme of visibility. In keeping with all Magick of Tea instalments, Mimi will also share mini spirit readings for each ticket holder (in-person and live-stream).
July 15, 2023
9:30AM – 11:30AM PST
In-person at O5 Tea Vancouver and Live-stream with Replay

Domestic Spirits (at the Salem Witchcraft and Folklore Festival)

Every home contains not only humans, but also spirits. These spirits may be visiting ancestors, but most likely, spirit beings of the home itself that are connected with the material of the building, the furniture, charms, prayers, activities and other practices held within the home, and their existence is alongside ours. We can learn to invite, welcome, decipher/interpret, and befriend these beings as an animist’s practice of honouring land, space, and ancient wisdom traditions. Available as an individual ticket, part of the Saturday Day Pass or General Admission Ticket. Click button below for individual class ticket. For more details on festival passes, visit https://www.salemwitchfest.com/2022-events-registration
August 5, 2023
Live-stream with Replay