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Poetry, Tea & Celebrations

Join us Friday, December 8 to celebrate the second edition printing of A Tea Stronger Than Death: Poems of Hurt and Healing While on Sacred Buffalo Guardian Mountain by animist medium and writer Mimi Young, hosted by and in collaboration with O5 Tea.  Take part in a wintry night inspired by the unifying power of tea and verse: – A feast of exquisite tea pairings by O5 Tea – A reverie of artisanal chocolates and other treats  – Poetry readings from A Tea Stronger Than Death – A guided workshop on artistic and esoteric activities to engage in alongside the book – Book signing (bring your book if you already have a copy!) – Ticket options to purchase your limited edition O5 x Ceremonie Book + Companion Teas Gift Kit – 5 entries for a chance to win raffle prizes for one-of-a-kind tea cyanotypes and other goodies – Access to the last sale of the year for Ceremonie’s Skin + Aura care items, 18-22% OFF
December 8, 2023
In-person at O5 Tea 2208 WEST 4TH AVENUE, VANCOUVER, BC

Returning to the Yin: A Winter Solstice E-Gathering

We can work with Yang, creating the visible. We can also join ourselves with Yin, allowing the invisible to flow through us. A live-stream Winter Solstice e-gathering to slowly descend into the deep quiet of Void, embracing the seasonality of the Yin, which joins us to nature. This death of sorts also dissolves the consciousness that isolates us from each other and the world. Accompanied by a group I Ching reading to anchor, resource, and deactivate as you sit in and with the watery Yin.
December 21, 2023
Live-stream with Replay

Year of the Wood Dragon: Forecasts for the Lunar Year + Ancestral Offerings

A live-stream Lunar New Year gathering to welcome the Wood Dragon, present offerings to our ancestors + other Old Ones, and receive forecasts for the Lunar Year ahead. Early bird savings until January 21, 2024.
February 11, 2024
Live-stream with Replay