Multi-Week Conversations with the Unseen


Weekly Conversations with the Unseen

This animist series is a regenerating pathway to re-approach and restore lost intimacy with ourselves and the Unseen. It’s a “being” and “being with” sort of series rather than a “doing” one, where you are gently led and held in a soothing container so you can soften, be, and receive + respond freely and fully. 

‘Prayer’ and ‘devotion’ are practices that over the years have developed a religious tone, yet, these two practices have existed as long as humans have been human; they are conduits for afterlife communication, with the land spirits, with Mystery and all that is Unseen. Praying and devoting oneself are acts of animism and witchcraft: one of relationship, loyalty, and love.

Experience sacred conversation with the invisible and visible, where words of purpose hold the heart-mind, align the currents of magick, and de-centre the indoctrinated perspective of separation and human-at-the-centre-of reality to embody a perspective of oneness. To live beyond the physical altar and designated spiritual practice, and unite the functional sacred into mundane life.

This series is for you if you have been desiring to spirit-communicate through resonance rather than through modality.

If you have been desiring…

  • First-hand experiences instead of intellectual understanding
  • ‘Learning from’ spirits instead of ‘learning about’ spirits
  • To replace disconnection and loneliness with deep trust and intimacy with yourself and the Unseen.
  • Undeniable, magickal encounters with the Cosmos
  • Safety, rest, and restoration
  • Less modality focus, and more resonance focus
  • To participate first-hand in knowing energy, sentience, and All That Is.
  • To experience vastness, to be held by Yin and Yang Forces, and to see our place within it all.
Open to everyone, especially to animists and shamanic practitioners, witches, pagans, magicians, devotees of sentient energies and deities, atheists and agnostics.



The Prayers + Devotions in Animism Series are 20 sessions that are offered via live-stream or self-practice via recordings. Sessions follow the format of a land acknowledgement and opening, a guided devotion to the week’s theme(s), group prayer and devotions; some weeks may include additional practices, rituals and celebrations.

Enroll in a single Prayers + Devotions In Animism Movement, or both. Enrolment is on-going and there is no cut-off date.



The Prayers + Devotions Series is available via live-stream with closed captioning, self-practice, or the combination of the two. In addition, the core materials and content provided during series are available to you in perpetuity. Enrollment at any point in time allows you to go at your own timing and pace, with the weekly live-stream prayer journeys arranged by topic in an intuitive sequence. Tuition is available via sliding scale tuition, with the option for payment plans.



Mimi Young, Wu shamanic intuitive and occultist has held space and led seekers and practitioners from all over the world in her Mystery Mentorship program and retreats, as well as collaboratively with brands including Goop, Almost 30, Spirit House Collective, and Tokyo Smoke. Clients describe Mimi and her work as welcoming, engaging, deepening, and transformative.


The Prayers + Devotions in Animism Series asks for each participant to show up as they are, as fully as they can (live-stream or on their own time via the recordings). The series is deeply personal AND communal in the context of a larger container of people praying and offering devotions from all over the world on the same themes together. The learning and materializing is enriched as we group from each other’s utterings and devotions and have the opportunity to be part of a spiritual family.

Additionally, there are two weeks devoted to Peer Prayers + Devotions in Animism that’s designed to reinforce your learning in a way that will support the forming of friendships, build trust and strength, deepen your curiosity with the Unseen. (Note: Peer Prayers + Devotions exist only when the sessions are offered live and are not available via self-practice).



Free access to the online “Introduction to Core Shamanic Journeying” On-Demand course, and discussion of ethics, spiritual equity and values to establish the bedrock of your prayer and devotion rituals. 50% OFF to the Mystery Mentorship Wood + Metal Module for folks seeking deeper learning.



An integration of prayer and spell prompts, guided devotions, observances of certain cycles / ancestral days / other celebrations, core shamanic journeying, Wu occultic tools, and more.



25% off all live-stream e-courses / e-events for 2022 (see list HERE). Special rates for Private Mentorship Sessions, Remote Shamanic Readings, Dream Interpretations, the On-Demand Library, and other perks!

“…it was powerfully transformative for me and even months later I am relishing in its magic. It is such a gift to learn from Mimi who is integrous, embodying what she teaches wholly and responsibly, time after time. Her sharing of knowledge and care for her community inspires me; the quality and quantity of what is experienced in this container is truly unparalleled.”


(more testimonials HERE)

Themes of Exploration + Practice

 Movement 1: Inhale dates + breakdown

9 weeks in Group live-stream session, held on Sundays from 10AM – Noon/12:30PM PST (ranging 2-2.5 hours per session):

  • April 3, 10, 17
  • May 1, 15, 22
  • June 5, 12, 26

1 week in (optional) Peer Prayers + Devotions (NO live-stream session)

  • April 24
Prayer + Devotion collage


  • What are prayers and devotions
  • Preparations for prayers
  • Preparations for devotions and offerings
  • How to pray and make offerings
  • Honouring dieties, ancestors, spirits, and other forms of sentient energy
  • To the Day (Sun)
  • To the Night (Moon)
  • To each Month and Monthly Flow
  • To the Spring
  • To the Summer
  • To the Fall
  • To the Winter
  • For Creation / Preparations
  • For Destruction
  • Safety and Protection
  • Food and Drink
  • Nourishment and Health
  • Food and Drink
  • Relationships
  • Friends, Partners,
  • Children and Family
  • Relational Dynamics
  • Accountability and Reconciliation
  • Good Days
  • Shitty Days
  • When We’re Stuck or Dissatisfied
  • In Grief and Loss
  • When We’ve Fucked Up
  • Pain and Other
  • Struggles
  • When Seeking Guidance and Direction
  • When Seeking Structure and Discipline
  • Seeking Yes and No
  • When Seeking Peace, Comfort with Discomfort
  • With Gratitude

 Movement 2: Exhale DATES + BREAKDOWN

9 weeks in Group live-stream session, held on Sundays from 10AM – Noon/12:30PM PST (ranging 2-2.5 hours per session):

  • July 10, 17, 24
  • August 7, 14, 21
  • September 11, 18, 25

1 week in (optional) Peer Prayers + Devotions (NO live-stream session)

  • August 28


  • Money and Security
  • Personal Responsibility,
  • Commitment and Self Worth
  • Work and Career
  • Archetype and Purpose
  • Body Image
  • Our Identity and Masks
  • Our Gifts
  • Our Limitations
  • Light and Shadow
  • Alter Egos and Permission
  • Safety and Protection
  • Food and Drink
  • Nourishment and Health
  • Food and Drink
  • Relationships
  • Friends, Partners,
  • Children and Family
  • Relational Dynamics
  • Accountability and Reconciliation
  • Rest and Sleep
  • Sensuality and Pleasure
  • Trust and Intimacy
  • Touch and Sex
  • Secrets and Taboo
  • Unrequited Love and Misunderstandings
  • The Past
  • The Future
  • The Present and Parallels
  • Holidays and Celebrations
  • Local community concerns
  • Global concerns
  • Devotions to each other (within the series)


Dear One,

This series is a living and extended ritual.

You are invited to release any stagnant or appropriated definitions of prayer and devotion, and experience first-hand what animism really is: where everything is alive, intelligent, and in relationship. Praying and devoting are re-unions; the spirits are thinking of us, and have been all along. When we dare to / remember to meet with them, we discover that we really do recognize each other. Undeniably real intimacy is shared when we encounter them, and the most ancient part of you will feel safe to be again.

With reverence,



The series is available either as a 20-week series or as two separate 10-week series. Any of the options are available via sliding scale. Please select a contribution amount that best reflects your capacity to support my labour as a one-woman of colour business. By valuing my work in the way you can, we can step into reciprocity which empowers me to continue to offer my work to you. Payment plan currently available for the full 20-week series (Movements 1 + 2 combined).


If you are in need of financial assistance, you are encouraged to email INFO@SHOPCEREMONIE.COM to inquire about a Partial Scholarship. Partial Scholarships are available to anyone who asks (Mimi does not ask for proof of financial hardship), with a priority given to folks who are Black, Indigenous, of Colour, queer, trans, non-binary, folks who are neuro-divergent, or have disabilities (different abilities). Partial Scholarships are currently available and are limited in supply.

Prayers + Devotions In Animism Movements 1 + 2: Inhale and Exhale [20 weeks TOTAL – live sessions start April 3, 2022]


*For any of the 4-Part and 8-Part Payment Plans, tuition instalments will be processed at a frequency of every 4 weeks.

Prayers + Devotions in Animism Movement: Inhale (Single Movement) [10 weeks; live sessions starts April 3, 2022]

Prayers + Devotions in Animism Movement: Exhale (Single Movement) [10 weeks; live sessions start July 10, 2022]


  • GST will be added to tuition for all Canadian residents – price will be converted to CAD at checkout
  • The “Giving Back Contribution” within the sliding scale allows for attendees to help subsidize the Elemental Contribution. Thank you for contributing to this community.
  • All sales are final. No exceptions.
Taiwanese Canadian woman closes eyes and is surrounded by hydrangeas

About Mimi

About Mimi


My name is Mimi Young, and I am a Han Taiwanese Canadian residing on the unceded and traditional territories of the xʷməθkʷəy̓əm (Musqueam), Sḵwx̱wú7mesh (Squamish), and Sel̓íl̓witulh (Tsleil-Waututh) Nations – what is otherwise known as Vancouver, Canada.

I am also a spirit communicator, animist and occultist, and my joy is to be a container and pathway for you to re-approach and restore intimacy with yourself and with the Unseen. By doing so, you can respond to the truth of who you are today and unfolding to tomorrow.

Though I’ve been aware of my psychic gifts my whole life, I began a conscious integration of myself through a chance shamanic encounter during five months of bedrest while pregnant with my second child. I also see my diverse career background in design, education, and clean tech, as data points into an intersectional, contextual, and relational spiritual expression. 

Whether you seek to walk with the Unseen through a plant potion from my Skin + Aura collection, to study a single esoteric topic via my On-Demand Courses, or to enroll in a more in-depth magickal study through my Mystery Mentorship program or other series, my priority is to offer you grounded, practice-based expertise rooted in personal experience and ancestry. (In ancient Chinese traditions, this multi-disciplinary metaphysical practice is called 巫 – Wu or Wuism). 

I have held space and led seekers and practitioners from all over the world in my Mystery Mentorship program and retreats, as well as collaboratively with brands including goop, Almost 30, Spirit House Collective, and Tokyo Smoke. In the press and on podcasts, my work has been celebrated by Vogue, goop, Harper’s Bazaar, Refinery29, Hey Girl, So You Think You’re Intuition, Healers, Living Open AND MORE.

Folks who have worked with me describe me as welcoming, engaging, deepening, and transformative.

As I say in my unconventional WORKING WITH MIMI TERMS,

Walk with me with respect, and you will be met with honour.

Walk with me with willingness and openness, and you will be met with open heart and open arms.

Walk with me with honesty, and you will have my heart.




“I deepened my connection to practical mundane magic surrounded by a warm and wise community. Thank you Mimi, I am so grateful."

Amy Chou

"I don't feel that words quite have enough nuance for me to pinpoint the gratitude that I hold and the depth of value that I find in Mimi's wisdom and guidance. I want to acknowledge that, by stepping into who she is and by walking the path she is on, Mimi is illuminating a map for those of us of Han Chinese heritage, who have been swimming against the currents our entire lives. She is supporting us in our journeys back to the core of who we are, and gifting us access to the re-planting of our ancient roots. Now that we see a path—understanding that we all have our own paths—we can begin to walk towards it. Thank you, Mimi for putting language to that mysterious force and doing the difficult work of translation so we can understand the meaning behind our shared folk practices. I am very grateful, and I appreciate you."

Jenny Lau

“The way you teach, however, gives life to what are often conveyed as concepts. You have a way of returning their power and voice to them.”

Charlene Chang